Remaining money from the government must go to Velsen-Noord, says Velsen-Noord

Velsen municipality receives 4 million euros from the government because it offers temporary accommodation to a thousand asylum seekers on a cruise ship in the North Sea Channel. Part of that money must go to maintain the second rush-hour ferry between IJmuiden and Velsen-Noord. But what will happen to the 1.7 million euros that remain?

According to Leo Aardenburg, council member for Levendig & Gezond Velsen, there can be no doubt about the destination. “As Velsen-Noorders, we are repairing the reception of asylum seekers for Velsen municipality. Then the money must also benefit Velsen-Noord. This is badly needed. Almost nothing has happened here in the last twenty years.”

Aardenburg is the only councilor in the municipality who comes from Velsen-Noord. He therefore feels a great responsibility for the inhabitants of his village. They protested en masse when Mayor Frank Dales met Foreign Minister Erik van der Burg in June with his statement that Velsen was ‘morally obliged’ to facilitate the reception of refugees.

Floor drain

All well and good, said Aardenburg immediately, but why does it have to be in Velsen-Noord? The inhabitants already see that part of Velsen as the drain for Velsen municipality. There is hardly any interest in those at the town hall on the other side of the canal. Public bus transport has been removed, with the result that the elderly cannot leave Velsen-Noord, which has cut back on youth work, and there is still the threat of a Polen Hotel, a crisis center for migrant workers, which they are not waiting for in Velsen-Noord .

“The people of Velsen-Noord do not understand each other”

LGV councilor Leo Aardenburg

According to Aardenburg, there are already too many different nationalities, which means that the village lacks cohesion. “People don’t understand each other,” he says. He proclaims the vote for Velsen-Noord, which is not well equipped in terms of location. It is sandwiched between the A22, the industry of Vattenfall and Tata Steel and the North Sea Canal.

“And we haven’t even mentioned the planes that fly over here all the time,” says a woman walking her dog. And then there is the impending fireworks display that traditionally dominates the month of December. She dreads the holidays. “I’m holding my breath again, this is no fun for the elderly.”

Don’t cheer too soon

Leo Aardenburg unloads Christmas trees in the center. Blomstermanden’s annex council member is the point of contact for concerned Velsen-Noorders, and he has to work with that on a daily basis. He must honestly admit that he receives few complaints from fellow villagers about the nuisance caused by the asylum seekers accommodated on the cruise ship. “But,” he warns, “it’s not yet March 1 (the date the boat leaves again) So let’s not celebrate too early.” There was once a disturbance in the queue in front of the pharmacy, and the shuttle bus was thrown at the very beginning.


These wind drops are offset by the ‘fiffle’ with the power supply from shore to ship. To put an end to the bleeding, Mayor Dales has promised that Silja Europa, as the ship is called, must be connected to green shore electricity, so that polluting diesel generators do not have to run day and night. More than two months have passed and it still hasn’t worked. The reason: from a safety point of view, the ship is moored differently than planned, so that the connection is not on the quay side, but on the water side. “Ridiculous”, says a man coming from a man from Dekamarkt.

“If they can’t connect the shore power, that means the ship shouldn’t have been here”

LGV councilor Leo Aardenburg

The connection for shore current must be established on 5 December. “I haven’t seen it yet,” says the man. Leo Aardenburg: “If they can’t connect that shore current, that means the ship shouldn’t have come here.”

It is another argument that he believes that the compensation should benefit his village. “Because then at least it’s well spent.”

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