‘The Dutch market connects seamlessly with Swedish culture’

Sweden, the land of endless coniferous forests, countless blue lakes, wonderful meatballs (Köttbullar) and the folk song ‘Du gamla, Du fria’, written by Richard Dybeck. This man came from a town less than 150 kilometers away from Stockholm: Koping. Back then (in 1839) became another here raised, which would also make a notable contribution to Swedish (sleeping) culture. His name: Pehr Adolf Janson, founder of the luxury bed brand Hurry up.

The company is now under management from CEO and 5th generation Jan Ryde, has grown into an internationally operating company. He proudly brought the master traditions into the 21st century, and today the family business has expanded its markets to 45 countries in Europe, Asia and America. Eone of the most important sales areas is the Netherlands. But why are the beds with the blue and white diamond pattern so successful in ‘our little country’?

Cultural similarities
“The culture in the Netherlands is largely similar to that of Sweden,” says Charlotta Swan. She is responsible for worldwide communications. “The Dutch are generally willing to spend a little more money on a good bed or mattress,” she explains. Eg. the bed specialist who once started as a saddle maker, 16 different businesses in our country.

Yet they are Hästensbeds are not for everyone. You’ll have to invest heavily in a good night’s sleep before you have one in your bedroom. Excel is the cheapest variant. This is available from around 10,000 euros. If you want a bed (and have some savings to spare), it’s uncompromising Grand Vividus a good option… This one was designed in collaboration with the world famous Ferris Rafauli. Small detail: you have to pay almost four tons for this, just like the rapper Drake.

Monk’s work
These prices can only be justified if the relationship to the quality is correct. And let that be exactly what dozens of employees do on a daily basis treat. “From start to finish, everything is made by hand,” Charlotta explains, giving a tour of the production site where you could hear a pin drop. Machines are almost non-existent. “For you imaging: in one Vividu’s bed sits approx 320 hours of manual work.”

Horse hair
The mattresses are equipped with a combination of wool, cotton and… horsehair. Every day, kilos of horse hair are carefully processed layer by layer into the beds. A mstupid job, om prevent lumps in the mattress.
Charlotta explains the choice of horsehair: “No material can match horsehair when it comes to ventilation in a bed. Each curled horsehair acts like a small spring and enhances the work of our internal spring systems, providing support and flexibility. Horsehair also has its own highly efficient, built-in ventilation system.”

Quality above all
On an annual basis, approximately 150,000 beds are sold by Hästens. Then a lot of work has to be done, one would say. Still, there is nothing to note at the factory. “Of course, everyone just has to do their job, but it should never be about quality. You have to be optimally focused during production, the employees often take short breaks in between.” At Hästens, for example, they prefer to extend the waiting time for a bed rather than create stress in the workplace. Then there are no mistakes and, more importantly, job satisfaction remains at the same level.

Blue diamond
When you think of Hästens, you think of blue diamond. The pattern was designed in 1978 and was not immediately popular. During the introduction to a the furniture fair in Sweden was highly criticized. That stood in stark contrast to the brown, green and orange fashion colors of the 1970s.
Today it is the other way around. The design must be protected. That is why Hästens has patents on the motif within the furniture industry. “We have to,” says Charlotta.”If other companies run away with the design, it loses its magic. It has become part of our DNA.”

Next step
If you put a handmade bed on the market, without making concessions, with decorative shagreen leather handles and golden brass details… What else can top this design? “The next step is not yet known,” Charlotta says with a laugh. “But eone thing i know for sure Jan is definitely thinking about it.’

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