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Your old trusted computer or laptop may contain programs that you should no longer use. The lifetime of the software also ends. These programs are no longer provided with (security) updates and can pose a major security risk. We list for you which programs you really shouldn’t use anymore.

Internet Explorer is no longer supported

For a long time, Internet Explorer (IE) was the world’s most used browser. But times are changing. Only recently (June 15) was the program finally withdrawn by Microsoft. This means: there will be no more technical innovations or security updates. Use of Internet Explorer is therefore not recommended.

Microsoft itself has launched the Edge browser as a successor to IE. A special Internet Explorer mode is available to users through which Explorer-based websites and apps can still be visited and used.

Outdated versions of Windows

Fewer and fewer people have a computer running Windows 7 or older. And that’s a good thing. For two years, starting January 14, 2020, consumer PCs running Windows 7 will no longer receive security updates.

Is your Windows PC or laptop running 8.1? Then it is now time to look forward to a new Windows version. Because extended support and associated security updates will end on January 10, 2023.

Check which version of Windows you are using?

Not sure what version of Windows your computer or laptop is running? Then you can check yourself. On this support page it is explained by Microsoft.

Are you still using an outdated version of the operating system such as Windows 7 or the even older Vista or XP? With the help of PC Health Check, you can check whether your laptop or PC meets the technical requirements to switch to Windows 11, the latest version.

If your PC is too old, it is recommended to look for a new (or used) laptop or computer that has an operating system that is still up to date.

MacOS is also not supported indefinitely

For Apple users, it is also good to be aware of the lifespan of the operating system that the Mac computer runs on. The very latest macOS and the two previous versions are supported by Apple and kept secure and up-to-date.

MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) and earlier are no longer supported by Apple. Want to check which macOS version is running on your Mac? So take a look here.

Adobe Flash player

As of January 1, 2021, Adobe has completely stopped distributing and supporting Flash Player. The widely used program allowed users to play videos on their computers. Fortunately, its use is disabled in most browsers.

Support for Microsoft Office 2010 and earlier has ended

For Microsoft Office, technical support or security updates are no longer offered for the Office 2010 program and older versions such as Office 2007. Support for Office 2010 ended in October 2020.

Anyone who wants to use an Office program for, among other things, Word and Excel, and has such an old version that it is no longer supported, is recommended to switch to Office 2021 or Microsoft 365.

Windows Live Mail

Still reading and sending email with Windows Live Mail? This program may be familiar to you as a user, but it has not been supported by Microsoft for five years. This means that the mail program has become insecure. Saying goodbye and changing is therefore highly recommended.

It is unwise to use outdated software for several reasons

It is unwise to continue using programs that have expired for several reasons. We list the most important ones:

– Is a program no longer updated by the manufacturer? Then technical problems that are no longer solved can lead to crashes or annoying freezes of your computer.

– If your software doesn’t keep up with the times, it can run slower or worse over time.

– Malicious people can take advantage of an insecure program by deliberately exploiting vulnerabilities. After all, new security updates are no longer provided. A computer system running one or more outdated programs is therefore more susceptible to hacker attacks.

– Another risk of using outdated software is that so-called compatibility problems with newer versions of other programs may arise. In other words: an outdated program no longer works well with other, newer programs. If you are still using Windows XP, you will not be able to download and install the latest version of Skype.

Make sure your software stays up to date

What can you do to reduce the risk of using outdated software?

– It is important to keep your software up to date as new patches and updates become available.

Anyone with a smartphone knows how often there are updates to apps. They come by almost every day. The same applies to the software on your computer. This may require you to manually update one or more programs if you have not enabled automatic updates.

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