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CMO STAMM is the knowledge center for social issues in Groningen and Drenthe. Together with our partners, we create innovative solutions that contribute to a powerful society. A society where everyone participates. It’s what drives us. We research, initiate, advise and realize. Always independent. With innovative power, know-how and the ability to connect. With a good eye for the people we do it for. This is how we realize solutions with impact.

We focus our research and advice on important themes in society such as broad prosperity, poverty, citizenship, state participation, housing, welfare, care, youth and education. Important customers are the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe, municipalities, social organizations and residents. The Social Planning Office Groningen and Trendbureau Drenthe are part of CMO STAMM.

We identify and monitor trends and developments and know what’s going on, where things are going wrong and what’s working. Our organization makes topics negotiable and connects and develops innovative solutions together with our partners. For more information and the latest projects and developments, visit our websites; CMO STAMM (, Social Planning Office Groningen (social planning agency and Trendbureau Drenthe (

CMO STAMM employs 40 colleagues, 30 of whom are researchers or consultants. Our employees are enthusiastic and motivated highly trained professionals who make the conscious choice to take on work that ‘matters’. We work task-oriented from five flexible program teams with a compact MT consisting of a director-executive director and a manager. The organization has an open and proactive culture where results, personal responsibility, learning, independence and courage are paramount.

The task
The position as Director-Manager at CMO STAMM is a role with which you can make a difference within the social domain in Drenthe and Groningen. It is up to you to convey CMO STAMM’s mission and vision and the challenges ahead clearly and with passion to the right parties. You bring a clear focus to the tasks ahead.

As Director-Administrator, you move in relevant administrative networks aimed at social issues. You constantly make the connection between what CMO STAMM/Planbureau Groningen/Trendbureau Drenthe does and the information you hear, see and retrieve in the network. The advisory and research agenda is thus managed so that it is in line with the themes that the province, municipalities and the social partners are/want/must work on. This gives the studies meaning and translation into regional and local practice. Knowledge development, innovation and learning from practice are things you focus on. Thereby you make maximum and meaningful use of the Advisory Board. And you enable the board to optimally carry out its supervisory role when it comes to supervising the company’s operations and supervising (material) role-taking. The focus of the task for the coming years is:

  • The material further development of Trendbureau Drenthe and Planningbureau Groningen.
  • Structural safeguarding of the role of the planning offices.
  • Embedding the role and expanding the professor’s opportunities by special appointment of Broad Welfare and Opportunities (inequality).
  • The further development of the organization aimed at the optimum connection between the advisory and research pillars.
  • Conducting sound business operations of the organization in a dynamic political context.

Who are we looking for?

Our organization is unique with regionally oriented, academic research on social issues, applicable in the regional and local political context. In addition, CMO STAMM has an innovative consulting arm, so: to measure, know and also develop and do! And that requires a special director-leader with a clear vision. To be able to do all this, it is necessary that you have a demonstrable affinity with social issues and that you have a warm heart for your research. You are a pure networker. Connecting people and content is what you naturally do. You can also negotiate well and represent the interests of the organization you represent. But always with a view to social challenges and the political context.

As a Director-Manager, you inspire people in the organization as well as partners outside. Your leadership on the one hand helps the organization to achieve the maximum and to manage what the organization does and on the other hand to give the professionals in the organization space. You have courage, creativity and dare to make decisions. Also about complicated issues that are difficult and require courage. You do this with conviction and ensure that you are constantly connected to the organization and the network you operate in. You also have:

  • WO working and thinking level.
  • At least 5-10 years of relevant work experience in an (administrative) management role.
  • Extensive experience in managing highly trained professionals.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the social domain and social tasks.
  • Demonstrable connection to the north of the Netherlands.
  • Administrative sensitivity.
  • Demonstrable affinity with research and translation into practice.

In short: we are looking for an intrinsically passionate professional, an authentic personality with a particularly warm heart for Groningen and Drenthe, who can further develop CMO STAMM.

What do we offer?
CMO STAMM in Groningen offers a varied CEO position in a dynamic, flexible organization with challenging tasks, professional room to develop and colleagues with a passion for working towards a better society. An environment where entrepreneurship and creativity are valued. Our environment is extremely dynamic and requires a lot of adaptability. We therefore invest intensively in the further development of our (learning) organisation. You will be well rewarded with:

  • An agreement of 36 hours per week.
  • The salary is market according to the Social Work Agreement, scale depending on knowledge and experience.
  • CMO STAMM also has good fringe benefits, including an individual election budget, individual career budget and group health insurance.

Are you interested?

CMO STAMM is guided in this procedure by the executive search agency Colorful People. You can apply by submitting your CV and motivation (both in PDF) no later than 18 December upload via the application form on the Colorful People website.

For questions regarding this position, please contact Mr. René F. Burgler, Senior Partner at Colorful People, at or via 06 28 57 54 36. The interviews at CMO STAMM will take place in week 3 of 2023. We intend to complete the procedure in January.

Acquisitions are not valued.

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