The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences subsidizes plant-based food

Facility manager Bert Zwiep from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences took the initiative to start subsidizing vegetarian and vegan food because of the protein transition, but also because of the financial position of students

Educational catering – Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has started to subsidize vegetarian and vegan food. Until March next year, students and teachers at the Amstel Campus can eat plant-based meals for three and a half euros, which normally cost six euros.

Vegan and vegetarian food is already offered at the university, but the program wants to encourage more. In addition, Bert Zwiep, head of Facilities at the vocational college, says that the vocational college is also noticing that more students are getting into financial difficulties. In this way, the knife cuts both ways.


Two locations have been designated for the experiment. Pupils can enjoy a hot lunch at the Streetfood Company in the Jakoba Mulderhuis and in the canteen in the Wibauthuis. The meals are already offered by the catering company CIRFOOD as standard, only now at a lower subsidy price.

Freedom of choice

It is not known how much it will cost the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. About half of the meal is refunded. Half of the offer and what is consumed by the students is already vegetarian or vegan. Meat will continue to be part of the range, because the university still wants to give students freedom of choice. Furthermore, the university does not want students to go to a supermarket for the option of meat.

Source: @FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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