Wow: Make your own computer with Raspberry Pi

We have been using computers for decades now.

The first ever computer, Colossus from England, is nothing like the laptops and computers we use today. However, Colossus provides a good representation of the basics of today’s units.

With that knowledge in mind and with the best equipment at the moment, you can even build your own computer today. You don’t even need that many products and knowledge for that. What you need in any case is the Raspberry Pi. In this article we will tell you more about it and how you can create your own computer in a few steps.

Raspberry Pi: what exactly is it and what does it look like?

You may have already heard of it: Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is basically a mini computer the size of a bank card. This product simply fits in your pocket. But: with just a Raspberry Pi, you’re not there yet, because even if the circuit board has all the components a computer needs to work, you still have to do a few things to be able to use the item as a computer. Raspberry Pi has an ARM processor and various necessary connections, so you can just start building your own computer with a little knowledge.

All you need for this is a mouse, a monitor and a keyboard to turn it into a ‘regular’ computer. There are various connections in the picture that you can use to connect such external equipment. Think of a USB connection, UTP port, micro-USB and an HDMI port. In addition to the above equipment, you still need a micro-SD card because the Raspberry Pi has no memory. You also need to put certain programs on that card to give your homemade computer an operating system.

Children learn to program using the Raspberry Pi

What makes the Raspberry Pi so special is that you can get involved with computers and programming at a very low cost. When the product launched in 2012, it was primarily aimed at kids to get them excited about programming in an accessible and affordable way. It also aimed to introduce people in third world countries to computers and all that comes with it. These are the two biggest target groups for the Raspberry Pi.

But: Precisely because the device is so accessible, it is also very popular among programmers and hobbyists. Many people like to get started and build anything using the Raspberry Pi. For example, you can use it to make smart equipment, such as smart doorbells and smart lighting. In addition, you will learn more about how hardware works and how you can build a full-fledged computer with certain parts. Several models of Raspberry Pi have now been released, with the latest model being much more powerful than the previous ones.

Installing a Raspberry Pi: what you need to know

Got excited and curious about what it’s like to build your own computer? The price of a Raspberry Pi in 2022/2023 fluctuates between €100 and €180, depending on the model you go for. In any case, it is much cheaper than buying a new computer or laptop. It is recommended to order a case with your Raspberry Pi; this type of housing ensures protection against dust and damage. You can get a case like this for a few tens. You get the printed circuit board itself complete, so including ports, processor, jack, bluetooth and other connections.

As you could read above, you need a micro SD card to get your Raspberry Pi up and running. You have to put an operating system on that SD card yourself; You can also choose an SD card that already has such a system on it. You can choose from all kinds of operating systems, including Raspbian, Arch Linux, Pidora, and Windows 10 iOT Core. You can download this from the internet and put it on your SD card. Then you insert the micro SD card into the Raspberry Pi and connect external equipment. Voilà: you have built your own computer with Raspberry Pi. It could hardly be simpler. Via the search engine you will find more information about what else you can do with a Raspberry Pi.

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