Green startups are job drivers – Riders in action against flash delivery drivers

1. Green startups are now the job engine

The number of jobs at young Dutch tech companies has grown by 7.6 percent in the past year to 135,000 jobs. The number of jobs is increasing, especially at Dutch startups focusing on sustainability and energy, while big tech companies like Meta, MessageBird and Twitter are laying off people to save costs. It appears from that Startup Employment Report 2022 from, among others, Dealroom and Techleap, which was published on Tuesday. The green startups have no complaints about capital either: out of every 3 euros of investment money spent on tech companies in the Netherlands, 1 euro now goes to them.

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2. Riders take action with flash delivery companies in Amsterdam

More than two hundred Amsterdam suppliers from Gorillas, Getir and Flink are so unhappy with their working conditions that they are demanding better equipment and more wages in a petition. A delegation of around 25 riders will hand over the petition to the management of the three companies in Amsterdam on Wednesday. This is stated by the trade union FNV. Radical Riders, the club that previously carried out similar actions, reports on its website that it is ‘in the process of disbanding’, referring to the FNV.

3. Bux acquires Spanish neobroker

The investment app Bux buys the retail customers from the Spanish neobank Ninety Nine. With this, the Dutch scaleup, which became active in Spain last November, removes a competitor from the market. According to Bux CEO Yorick Naef, it is also good news for Spanish customers, he says in a press release: they get access to the products from his neobroker. Ninety Nine will now focus on the B2B market. Bux is currently active in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Ireland.

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4. Kryptobørs cancels IPO of 9 billion

The crypto company Circle, the party behind the stablecoin USDC, puts the SPAC deal, which it would publicize, in strong water. The takeover of an empty stock exchange shell would value it at a maximum of $9 billion, but according to founder Jeremy Allaire, he failed to meet a deadline from the stock market watchdog SEC. His move follows the troubles in the crypto market after the crash of FTX. Circle would merge with Concord, former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond’s SPAC.

5. Thuisbezorgd drives to Hoogvliet supermarkets delivers groceries to the supermarkets in Hoogvliet the same day. The first branches in Rotterdam and Leiden have started using it and supply customers in a range of several kilometers via delivery drivers on e-bikes. Hoogvliet has 71 stores in North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland.

6. Three quarters of webshops do not check ’18+’ sufficiently for alcohol

Three-quarters of the shops that offer alcohol online do not adequately check the customer’s age. Supervisor NVWA sounds the alarm about this. In addition to the well-known age question, webshops must also announce that the age will be checked by the delivery person at the door, according to the latest alcohol law. The Dutch Food and Consumer Safety Authority checked 166 stores, the ten percent that did nothing at all about prevention were fined, the rest were given a warning.

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7. And then this: high-tech sex toy startup unfolded

Lora DiCarlo, Lora Haddock DiCarlo’s sex-tech startup, appears to have quietly shut down. Her company became world famous in 2019 when it won an innovation award at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas with a sex toy and then had to return it ‘because the product could not be classified in any category’. The CES slip was of course good for sales. But this fall, things went downhill for Lora DiCarlo, reports Women’s Health. The reasons are currently a matter of guesswork.

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