Nuvias: Better security through one platform

Value-added distributor Nuvias and security specialist WatchGuard have worked together for more than twenty years. “We all know the ins and outs of their products,” say Patrick de Wagt, Kris Vastenavondt and Jonas Maes from the distributor. “And our customers really appreciate being able to arrange IT security with one platform.”

De Wagt is Business Development Manager at Nuvias Benelux, Vastenavondt is Technical Manager there and Maes is Sales Manager. They tell us what their company has to offer in IT security. An important trend in the market, they say, is that organizations are tired of having many different point solutions that do not communicate with each other. “It’s a disaster in terms of management: expensive and error-prone. Also, you have to train your staff in all these products. Today, companies adapt to it, they go for one security platform.”
De Wagt, Vastenavondt and Maes say Nuvias guides their partners through the entire process to achieve good security. “We know Watchguard inside and out because we have worked together for so long. We use this knowledge for our partners. We have believed in WatchGuard’s approach from the beginning. And we see a great development in recent years. It doesn’t matter if you have a small firewall with 5 users or the largest with 7500 users. With Total Security Suite (TSS) you always get the best security. From five users to just under eighteen hundred: one platform for all security aspects.”
The Total Security Suite includes all the services of the Basic Security Suite plus AI-powered malware protection, enhanced network visibility, endpoint protection, Cloud Sandboxing, DNS filtering and the ability to respond to threats directly from WatchGuard Cloud, the network visibility platform. “It is precisely this layering, including authentication for example, that makes the platform so complete. WatchGuard has become much broader in recent years. SMEs have all security aspects covered with the suite. In fact, every organization should have a small WatchGuard, even if it’s just the Firebox firewall device. But with the package, SMBs have all security aspects covered. They can sleep peacefully. And where necessary, we help with configuration and support,” emphasizes Maes.

Broad approach
The trio praises WatchGuard’s broad approach. “All facets of security on one platform; that makes it valuable.”
Nuvias itself also has a broad approach. “We have a team that can support our dealers in all possible areas. We do everything through our partners, even if we do it ourselves. But our partners don’t always have enough people or the right knowledge and skills to help their clients; after all, there is a serious shortage of qualified people. Then they can call us. This goes far from telephone support to direct contact with end customers if necessary. We also train the technicians at the dealers. Through our Nuvias Training Center, we provide accredited training on all WatchGuard products to help partners and their customers gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the technology. In addition, we also help our partners with marketing activities for, for example, solutions.” Nuvias have written down in an e-book why it is useful to work with them.

RED security services
The conversation then goes automatically to the RED security services that Nuvias has set up for the partners. This consists of six parts, which include all on-site solutions (within the limits of an SLA). “The main goal is to help our partners peace of mind to give”, according to De Wagt, Vastenavondt and Maes. “For the smaller retailers, it is reassuring to know that we have solutions ready that they can use themselves. If the problem is more serious, they know they can call our specialists. Then we take it up on their behalf. We have actually done that since the year 2000; we are pioneers in this field.”

The services are divided into:

Installation: Where installation and configuration is performed by a Nuvias engineer. This can be done both on site and externally.
Incident Services: Purchase of an event with a guaranteed action time, defined in an SLA. Soon this will be called the RED Retainer.
Care services includes: For all WatchGuard appliances, it is possible to purchase a service package with support and on-site intervention with guaranteed intervention time in case of hardware failure.
Managed Services: Taking full control of the WatchGuard firewall: changing configuration, keeping the operating system up to date, support, on-site intervention in case of hardware failure.
education: Nuvias offers training at external or Nuvias locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. Customized training is also possible.

According to the two, everything is aimed at relieving the partners. Of course, self-interest also plays a role: if you spread a certain solution, you want to be sure that the technology is used correctly. Dissatisfied customers reflect negatively on the retailer and distributor. “It can be prevented with our RED services.”

New possibilities
Nuvias will intensify its efforts to market WatchGuard in the near future. “We are in discussions – via our business partners of course – with organizations that, for example, already using WatchGuard’s firewall. We then show them what add-ons are possible and how this fits into their business operations. The combination of endpoint protection and firewall, for example, is obvious.”

To reiterate that Nuvias addresses all aspects of IT security, they say the distributor also provides training to make end users aware of the risks associated with working with computers and/or handhelds.

Finally, the trio discusses the new capabilities offered by WatchGuard. “Think about XDR, soon to be on the market. Extended detection and response (XDR) provides insight into data across networks, clouds, endpoints and applications. It also uses analytics and automation to detect, analyze, detect and mitigate the threats today and tomorrow. It is necessary in the current era of organized cybercrime.”

Authors: Teus Molenaar and Witold Kepinski

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