Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: Ellen ten Damme, Christmas market, Christmas sisters, full moon walk or art nouveau exhibition.

Christmas is coming and everyone is looking for fun. You won’t be bored in Groningen and Drenthe in the coming days. How about a Christmas market or a concert with The Christmas Sisters. Ellen ten Dame visits Delfzijl and it is possible to walk at full moon in Schoonoord.

Like a rock star in Versailles

The versatile singer Ellen ten Damme and her eight-piece band The Magpie Orchestra take you inside show baroque to the theatrical profusion of the 17th and 18th centuries.

With an exciting, convincing and multilingual ‘prom mask’ is in Baroque surprising and recognizable songs. Ten Damme dreams away in frivolous impermanence and holds court in his performance, where everyone is increasingly the center of his own entourage. Like a rock star in Versailles, she is on stage at De Molenberg in Delfzijl on Thursday evening.

Delfzijl – De Molenberg, Thu 8.15am-10.30pm, 28.50 eur ISLAND

Christmas market in the center of the Meerstede district

Time for fun in these dark days towards the end of the year. That’s what some residents of Emmermeer thought. They decided to join forces and organize a Christmas market at a central location in the village, the community center Meerstede. Thursday is the day.

In the community center there are a large number of stands with different products. You can buy dry sausages, jewellery, books, but also Christmas cards and various Christmas decorations. The residents of Meerstede provide knees, raffle and beautiful Christmas pieces. Got thirsty or hungry? That has also been thought of.

Emmen – Wijkcentrum de Meerstede, Thu 15-20, free

Full moon hike Sleenerzand

Close to Schoonoord you will find Sleenerzand, a varied nature reserve. From open heath to forest. On Thursday you can experience this area in the dark under the guidance of a guide from the Staatsbosbeheer Full moon walk.

Because there is no artificial light here, you experience nature much more intensely. The silence makes you more aware of sounds and your senses are fully engaged. Register in advance. This can be done through Staatsbosbeheer.nl/sleenerzand.

Schoonoord – P place Kibbelveen, Thu 18.30-20.00, 8 euros (up to 12 years 4 euros)

The Christmas Sisters | advertising

Josien van Beek, Liesbeth Korpershoek, Margot Kriek and Martijje Lubbers aka The Christmas Sisters will perform a Christmas concert in four parts on Sunday. Brinkhof in Norway. The concert has the title Winter light . They herald the most beautiful time of the year in an atmospheric and festive way.

With their sweet voices and swinging finger snaps, they tell what makes this season so special. Their four notes take you to snowy peaks and dark nights. From light in the tree to enlightenment in your heart. Listen to the most beautiful songs ever in these singing sisters’ vocal jackets. On Saturday, the ladies also give a concert in NH Church in the Valley and Sunday, December 18 i Stephen’s Church in Westerbork . All information can be found at thechristmassisters.nl.

Norway – Brinkhof, sun at 14.30, 15 euros (up to and including 18 years 10 euros)

Attention to Art Nouveau | advertising

In the exhibition A touch of Art Nouveau in Østgroningen in the Veenkoloniaal Museum in Veendam, attention is paid to buildings that still exist today, but also to interior items such as furniture, utensils and books that formed a kind of trinity with the building specially created for the customer.

In the 19th century, all kinds of neo-styles arose, harkening back to an illustrious past. Neoclassicism, Neo-Gothic and all kinds of eclectic mixes. Jugendstil or Art Nouveau (new art), wanted to break with this tradition and use new techniques. There was room for ornaments in doors and windows in flowing lines, inspired by nature. The interior of the building was often consistent with its appearance. Later it fell completely out of favor again due to the outbreak of the First World War. Due to renovations, many interior details of buildings that still exist today have been lost, but fortunately there is a revival. Sometimes buildings are restored with attention to detail.

There is renewed interest in Jugendstil, also in ceramics and porcelain designed in the same period, not to mention printing. The exhibition can be seen from 11 December to 2 April.

Veendam – Veenkoloniaal Museum, 11 December to 2 April, Tuesday to Friday at 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday to Monday 13.00 to 17.00, 9.50 euros

You can find more excursions dvhn.nl/uitagenda

You can register for an event at uitservice.nl

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