mice and rats seek shelter

Winter is just around the corner. Unfortunately, the cold doesn’t just bring snow. Rats and mice are looking for a warm place at this time of year. And this is bad news for all households in the Netherlands.

“Around this time, we see the number of reports of rats and mice increase significantly,” says Peter Traas, pest controller at Beestjes Kwijt. “These rodents are of course there all year round, but especially when it gets colder outside, they crawl inside.”

In the cavity wall or on the ceiling

Just to clear up a widespread misunderstanding: nuisance from rats or mice is in principle separate from poor hygiene, says Traas. “In other words, anyone can get rats or mice. These creatures are simply always looking for food and shelter. Mice have a well-developed sense of smell. They actually eat anything, but they prefer high-fat foods.”

“Is it present with you? Then they can smell it from afar and come and look,” he explains. “If they manage to get to you, they immediately have a place to hibernate. They build a nest in your cavity wall or build nest in the attic. Lovely warm and dry.”

Animal food is the cause of discomfort in mice

The main reason for the presence of mice and rats is animal feed. “Especially chicken feed,” says Traas. “Do you have chickens at home? Then always feed them in the morning, never in the evening. When it gets dark, they go to sleep and the food is there for the taking. Guaranteed to be eaten by mice and rats at night.”

Many also hang fat balls in the garden every winter. “It’s really good for the birds,” says Traas. “But rats and mice also enjoy this. It is of course fine to lend a hand to birds, but hang the food at a high height so that mice cannot easily get to it. If you don’t, you’re actually just inviting the pests to come and visit you in the garden. But pet food also attracts rodents. Always store dog food and cat food in closed plastic containers. Because mice and rats smell it from afar and enter your house through the smallest hole.”

Keep rats and mice out this winter

Mice and rats get into your home in all sorts of ways. This can be done through a small hole in your waste water pipe, but they can also escape through ventilation grates in your hollow wall, or climb up into your attic along the outer wall under the roof tiles. “Do you want to keep vermin out as much as possible? So take a critical look around your house,” Traas continues. garbage bags open and exposed next to your house, but throw them directly in the garbage can.”

Mouse in the house, recognize the signals

You can initially recognize mice in the house by the mouse patch. They damn where they go. But there are many more signals that betray the presence of these creatures. “Mice in the house are always making noise. If it’s quiet in the house and you listen carefully, you can just hear them going and gnawing. They nibble on everything that is loose and solid. This is annoying, but also dangerous. Mice are spiteful everything carries bacteria and thus contaminates your food. Mice and rats also bite into electrical cables. This can cause a short circuit, resulting in a fire.”

Furthermore, rats and mice always leave a trail. Think belly fat and paw or tail prints, but also a scent trail. Suddenly smell a pungent urine in the ceiling? This may indicate the presence of rats or mice. “Always keep your eyes and ears open and regularly check hard-to-reach places.”

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