Rjucht and Sljucht for 150 years


TIJNJE Welcome song, sixteen short concerts, a farce for four people, a farce in two acts and the closing song. This is how the program looked at its 25th anniversary. It was in 1897. “The time has the time.” In one hundred and fifty years, much has changed at the theater association Rjucht en Sljucht in Tijnje.

A century and a half ago, people didn’t have that much, says board member Andries Idzerda. An evening of concert and later a theater performance was one of the few forms of entertainment. Visitors lingered for a long time at the performances, with music afterwards, until the café closed its doors in the middle of the night. “It has changed in the last few years; vi ha ek gjin muzyk mear nei ófrin.”

Today, visitors really come to the show itself, where they could previously choose between two winter productions, one in December and one in March. One is usually a comedy, the other a bit heavier. A large audience attended both performances.

Back to one

“There were two different groups of players”, explains chairman Alie Hof. And it was also possible because there were always enough players willing to play. “Mar time has time”, explains Andries Idzerda. “We have fifty members on paper, but in part the game is net more.” That should not be expected of members who are already quite old, they believe.

Therefore, at the members’ meeting, it was decided to play only one performance per season from now on, starting with the anniversary performance. The nice thing is that two older members who have not played for years are now taking part in this special performance: Siebe Henstra (85) and Peet de Groot (84) signed up as extras.

The major production A Christmas Carol (Scrooge) by Charles Dickens is on the program for this anniversary year. In total, about a hundred people are involved in this: thirty players, thirty musicians from the Christian music association De Bazuin and many volunteers for interior design, lighting and sound, construction, decoration, ticket sales, parking and catering.

The chosen location is Meints and Anneke Ziel’s barn at Hanebuert. And they got themselves into big trouble with that, says Alie Hof. But it’s an anniversary and then you can unpack big. The barn is no longer used for animals. The construction team has now placed the public tribune, as well as the stage for De Bazuin. “Hell inside we now put the dots on i oan it, mark but must the heel what it were.”

Six youngsters

This year, six young people are playing with Rjucht en Sljucht (the youngest is 7 years old), and they are very proud of that. “The youth are important,” says Idzerda. A number of times they made special (improvisational) performances with young people, such as Wurdumerdyk 82, devised by the young people themselves and It Bjusterbaarlik barren rund Vivian, also devised by the youth and based on De Unge. “Yn de rin fan those years, we have sought de youth by it tojla te belüken. Sometimes slagget dat, sometimes bin se sa wer förbt. Mar se leare der always wat fan en der ha se wat oan for the future.”


Back to the past, to 1872. It was an autumn Sunday evening that a couple of ‘feinten’ had a drink at the pub owner Jeen de Vries. They sang a bit and at one point the conversation turned to It Heideblomke, who played a ‘commeedzje’ in Kompenije. We can do that here too, thought the men. On the chromand’s advice, they went to peat boss Wopke Dragstra, who wanted to help them. “Yn dy time, who it for fean workers very swier, se hienen bot need oan ferdivedasje, nammen yn ‘e winter time”, says Andries Idzerda.

And so from the tavern and with the help of the well-known peat boss, the recitation college Rjucht en Sljucht was founded. The exact date of foundation cannot be found, the oldest minute books have not been preserved. “The oldest book we have is fan 1883.”

Stopped crying

Tynster theater company helped found It Bûn Fryske Toanielselskipp (BFT) in 1918. From there the ‘toanielkriich’ started; ‘karmasters’ visited the performances to assess them. BFT was succeeded by STAF (Stichting Amateurtoaniel Fryslân). “On the exciting einjún worth announcing what the best team is here. Rjucht en Sljucht har sa’n fiif kear dy priis wun.” Those days are over, the drama competition stopped a few years ago.

A Christmas carol

Baukje Stavinga translated A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens into Frysk especially for Rjucht en Sljucht. Chairman Alie Hof: “Dielen bin wol earlier yn it Frysk oerset, wy bin de stänger dy’t it heele stik yn it Frysk play.” The production can be experienced together with the music association De Bazuin in the atmospheric surroundings of the farm stable at Hanebuert 5. The director is Tineke Nicolai; Hans Jonker is musical director. Performance dates: Friday 16th (8pm), Saturday 17th (8pm) and Sunday 18th December (2pm and 8pm). The performances on Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon are sold out.

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