Imagine yourself as James Bond in Brussels


You won’t get any closer to the spectacular action that is such an essential part of the famous James Bond films: the exhibition ‘Bond in Motion’, which can be visited from 9 December 2022 to 14 May 2023 in Palais 1 of the Brussels Expo ( Heizel) will for the first time show no less than 50 original vehicles from the 25 James Bond films and many more on mainland Europe.

Motorcycles, cars, planes, submarines, hovercrafts, helicopters and even a complete subway train can be admired in 6,000 square meters. All iconic vehicles that you can admire as a visitor to the Bond in Motion exhibition are 100% original items from the films. This means that every piece on display for the past 60 years has actually been used during filming by one of James Bond’s performers, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig or any other character. Interesting from a Dutch point of view are vehicles from the films “The Living Daylights” with Jeroen Krabbé, “GoldenEye” with Famke Janssen and “Tomorrow Never Dies” with Daphne Deckers, which can also be seen at the exhibition. The impressive collection includes cars, motorbikes, boats, planes, helicopters, hovercrafts and even an over 11 meter subway train known from Skyfall. Some cars even have impressive traces of the stunts during filming.

But Bond in Motion is more than an exhibition. Visitors can count on a truly ‘immersive’ experience, which means they literally end up in an action movie themselves. They move from fiction to reality, but also to the set because the set of ‘assets’ also includes scale models that have been used for the special effects in certain action and stunt scenes. Excerpts from the films are shown on screens so that you can place each element in its context. The sets are lifelike and the soundtrack immediately immerses visitors (again) in the fascinating world of 007.

Bond in Motion’s large scenography is divided into four worlds of a total of 6,000 square meters, inspired by the four elements: fire, earth, water and air. The course includes the Lotus Esprit S1 car that transforms into a submarine The spy who loved me (1977), Aston Martin V8 from 1985 The living daylights (1987), BMW released the Z8 The world is not enough (1999) and the Aston Martin DB10 Spectre (2015). The Aston Martin DB5 is of course not lacking as a classic and typical Bond car. Furthermore, there are fake identity papers, walkie-talkies, weapons and other paraphernalia that appear in the various films. In short, a dream for fans of the British secret agent. Thanks to scale models and explanations of the special effects, visitors also get a look behind the scenes of the stunts and the most famous cult scenes of James Bond.

The exhibition Bond In Motion was opened in 2012 at the National Motor Museum of Beaulieu (Great Britain) on the occasion of the secret agent’s 50th birthday. The exhibition then moved to the London Film Museum where it ran for 6 years and attracted over nine million visitors. The exhibition was then shown at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles until the end of summer 2022. Brussels is now the first opportunity to discover this event on the European mainland, and it is also the first time that this exhibition cannot be seen in a museum, but on a floor fully dedicated to the world of James Bond. The Brussels Expo is therefore very original with interactive elements to discover the universe of James’ vehicles. A unique opportunity to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the most famous of all film series.

Movie fans, James Bond fans of all ages, people interested in technology and gadgets and car enthusiasts have a lot to discover during this special exhibition! For further information and ticket sales:

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