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ARNHEM – Snow or no snow, they celebrate winter at the Dutch open-air museum. From Saturday 3 December 2022 to Sunday 15 January 2023, the entire museum park will be immersed in a wintry atmosphere. “The atmosphere of the winters of the past with a big sauce of today,” according to the museum.

There are practical activities for young and old everywhere in the museum area. You can skate on the rink, and the youngest visitors can have their first skating experience on the scratch rink.

In the Craft Workshop you can make your own personal Christmas gifts, for example from Staphorster dotwork or a wooden coat rack. The craft trainers will be happy to help you.

Festival of Light

“At Kindererf we celebrate the Festival of Lights with stories about the various ‘festivals of lights’ such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Diwali. Children can also make their own candles there. There are of course also craft demonstrations in the Museumsparken by, among other things, the blacksmith and the weavers. And on Zaanse Plein is the winter market, with demonstrations by wooden shoemakers and rope makers, stories of greengrocers and fine stalls. The winter at Frilandsmuseet is really bursting with activities. An unforgettable winter experience.”

Winters past and present

In many different places in the museum park, stories from everyday life in the winter months, past and present, are told. For example, in Blauwe loshuus you can see work that used to be done specifically in winter: wool and linen processing. With flax grown and harvested in the Frilandsmuseet.

In the Moluccan barracks, the story of how the Moluccans arrived from their warm area in the cold Netherlands is told.

At the farm in Varik you will learn how people stored food in the winter before the arrival of the modern refrigerator, the Hoogmade farm focuses on the interpretation of Sinterklaas and Christmas and in the slum in Amsterdam’s Westerstraat you can see how the homeless sought shelter from the bitter cold.

Special winter beer is brewed in the modern brewery, and the syrup cookers make traditional pear-apple syrup.

Activities for children and their parents/carers

This winter too, our young visitors can fully participate in fun activities. There is a nostalgic carousel on the Zaanse Plein, the Midlum farm has an old Dutch playhouse, a modern light festival on the Kinderf, an exciting Witte wievenpad and an alternative Elfstedentocht to the Hoge Noorden, with which stamps can be used. earned by completing eleven tasks from to fodder. A full stamp card results in a tribute and a genuine Elfstedentocht cross!


In winter, the Frilandsmuseet offers various (free) guided tours. Every Saturday and Sunday and during the Christmas holidays even daily there are:

– Green tours. During these walks you will learn more about the 44 hectares of the former De Waterberg estate under the guidance of a specialist green tour guide. The route takes you past spring springs that are 200 years old, moraines that were formed during the penultimate ice age and a (former) sand escape that is more than a kilometer long. The tour guide also talks about our botanical gardens and the construction of the courtyards around our farms. The green tours last one to one and a half hours and can take a maximum of 8 people per walk. Every Saturday and Sunday and every day during the Christmas holidays. Departure at 13:00, gather at Entreeplein, advance registration is not necessary.

– Winter tours. How harsh were the winters of the past? Was there really a meter of snow every year? Have you always skated? Our enthusiastic tour guides take you through the museum park with all kinds of interesting facts about the historic buildings and the life of their inhabitants in winter. Departure at 11:00, meet at the Entrance Square.

Glühwein, cookie & zopie

In addition to the well-known catering places such as the Canon café, the Poffertjes boden from Epe, the Herberg de Hanekamp and the traditional Frietbakkerij, there are a number of extra facilities with a winter feel during the winter season. There is an oliebollen stand on Zaanse Plein and there is cake & zopie on the ice rink. The regular menu has also been adapted with winter delicacies such as saucy with smoked sausage, mulled wine and hot chocolate.

Do it yourself in the craft workshop

The craft workshop is also in full operation during our winter programming. Young and old can come to work themselves under the guidance of a craft coach. In the two workshops, the visitor can choose between different coarse and fine techniques, such as Staphorster stippling, serigraphy, dots, embroidery or wood carving.

An exhibition can also be seen in Håndværksværkstedet, with films where contemporary creators talk about their craft and the craft’s relevance and value for today’s society.

The Craft Workshop is located in the old main building at the former entrance on Schelmsestraat, next to the formal garden. Time can be reserved via the website to participate in an activity in the Craft Workshop. In addition, it is also possible to reserve a place on the spot.

New Bosrand location

The newest sub-area Bosrand will be open from 14 December. Here we pay attention to the history of recreation in the Netherlands. There are three summer houses on Bosrand. Our classic Pemberton mobile home from Nunspeet and the holiday house Rietveld from Markelo have moved to Bosrand. Warnsveld is also opening, a cottage with history, where we tell stories about the run-up to the Second World War, escape and resistance in a completely new, interactive way.

Exhibition Anton de Kom – writer, warrior, trailblazer

Anton de Kom (1898 – 1945) was born in Suriname and is an anti-colonial thinker, writer, poet, human rights activist and resistance man. His book ‘We Slaves of Suriname’ from 1934 is an indictment of racism, exploitation and colonial rule. De Kom is the first author to discuss Suriname’s history from an anti-colonial perspective. He fights for a dignified existence and stands up for his oppressed countrymen. In World War II, he joins the resistance in the fight against the Nazis.

For a long time Anton de Kom and his work remained unknown in the Netherlands. In 2020, De Kom will have its own window for Holland’s canon. In collaboration with the Surinamese artist Ken Doorson, Frilandsmuseet presents Anton de Kom and his ideas to a wide audience. Based on themes; the connector, the teacher, the prosecutor, the fighter, the trailblazer and a work of art ‘Papa de Kom’ specially made for the exhibition, we show that De Kom’s struggle is still relevant.

Opening hours in December/January

Saturday 3 December 2022 to Sunday 15 January 2023

Open longer than usual at weekends and during the Christmas holiday period (24 December 2021 to 8 January). Closed Christmas Day (December 25) and New Year’s Day (January 1). On 24 and 31 December, the entire museum closes at

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