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There is a lot to do in the library this week and in the coming term.

This week in the Voorschoten Library

Date Start time Activity / Consultation hour
Tue 13 Dec 10.00 Digital consultation hour
Tuesday 13 Dec. 10.00 Form Brigade
Tue 13 Dec 18.00 Legal consultation hour
Wed 14 Dec 14.30 Read aloud
Thu 15 Dec 10.00 Linguistic consultation hour
Fri 16 Dec 13.00 Taalcafé
Fri 16 December 13.30 Financial Information Point (FIP)
Sun 18 Dec 13.00-16.00 Voorschoten Library open

This week in Wassenaar Library
Date Start time Activity / Consultation hour
Sat 10 Dec 10:30 Read aloud
Tue 13 Dec 14.00 Digital consultation hour
Thu 15 Dec 10.00 Linguistic consultation hour
Fri 16 Dec. at 14.00 Afternoon game ‘Palaver’ for the elderly
Sat 17 Dec 10:30 Read aloud

Christmas campaign: Fill our Christmas tree and win a nice Christmas present!

We still have old books left! Of course, we prefer not to just throw them away with the old paper, but with Christmas just around the corner, we can still use them in a different way. Do you have a good idea? Get an old book at the counter, get started with it, take us in your picture and win a nice Christmas present! We are happy to hang all creations on our tree and announce the winner in week 51.

Miriam Lucia: From writing competition to publication
Colleague and author Miriam Lucia explains what participation in writing competitions can lead to. Where and how does she prefer to write, and where does Miriam find her inspiration?
Come and talk to her about her writing adventures. Maybe you want a (fictional) role in a next part?

Sun 18 December 1.30 pm in Voorschoten Library
Register for free at obvw.nl/activities

Lecture infections: worth knowing about how viruses work
It is the season: a cough and a runny nose ‘were part of it’, but are rapidly exciting in the present time. Our health is important to us, how can we influence it ourselves? Lex van der Kooij, physiotherapist/teacher and member of the Voorschoten prevention agreement tells all about it during his lecture with a lot of information about how a virus works and what we ourselves can do to minimize the chance of a virus infecting us. .
Sun 11 December at 14 in the Voorschoten Library
Order your tickets via obvw.nl/activities

BFF Night Misfit The Switch
Come during the Christmas holidays with your girlfriends for the BFF Night of Filmhuis Wassenaar! We play the movie Misfit the Switch and before the movie and during the break you can take a picture with your bestie(s), make a delicious TikTok, dance together at the Silent Disco, make friendship bracelets and much more.

Tuesday 27 December at 18.30 at Filmhuis Wassenaar
Age 10-14 years | Tickets via obvw.nl/jeugd.

Seen: Workshop dweller with an eye disorder
What would you do if you saw less? Or if you, as a migrant with an eye disorder, are exempt from the integration process in the Netherlands? During the workshop for Marijke Osinga (author of the book ‘Gezien’) and Oogvereniging, you will hear a number of inspiring stories from people who have experienced this.

Sat 21 Jan | Library Voorschoten | 13:30 – 16:00
Tickets via obvw.nl/activities

Workshop Hand letters & Bullet Journal
A diary, to-do list and notebook in one: it’s the bullet journal. We start with a new diary and practice beautiful letters. Pop-up studio Mooi van Melissa will give you the most beautiful and fun creative inspiration. A good start to the new year, right?

Sat 21 January | 10-12 | Wassenaar
Sat 21 January | 14.00 – 16.00 | Voorschoten
Participation € 9.00 | Age from 10 years
Tickets via obvw.nl/jeugd

Filmhuset Wassenaar
Tickets at the counter or via obvw.nl/filmhuis.

Date Start Time Movie

Mon 12 December at 20.00 Close
Tue 13 Dec at 14 Stromboli
Wed 14 Dec 20.00 Stromboli
Thu 15 Dec 13.30 Film club
Fri 16 Dec. at 20.00 Fishermen’s friends: One and all
Sat 17 Dec 20.00 The Son
Sun 18 Dec 12.30 SuperDog and TurboCat
Sun 18 December at 15.00 Close

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