De Volkskrant TV selection for Monday 12 December

Morgan Freeman (left) and Jim Carrey in Tom Shadyac’s Bruce Almighty.

Believe in education

NPO 2, 17.14

Presenter Karim Amghar is unsure whether to send his daughter to a primary school or to special education, in her case an Islamic school. Section 23 of the Basic Law states that anyone can start a school on the basis of, for example, religion, outlook on life or educational philosophy. But is the article still up to date and won’t it lead to even more bubbles in society? In the Faith in Education series, Amghar investigates. For this purpose, he will work as a teacher in various schools.

2Doc: The Last Word

NPO 2, 20.25

In her new documentary The Last Word, Jessica Villerius (The Children of Ruinerwold) investigates Jurriën ten Cate’s sentence. The man from Almelo has been detained in Tunisia for almost ten years after he was convicted of the murder of the Tunisian Marwa. After a short engagement, Jurriën and Marwa were married in 2013. Later that year, the couple got into a fight in a Tunisian hotel room, after which Marwa fell from the third floor. During the trial against Jurriën, it was never established what happened in the hotel room. Did he have a fair trial?

too late

RTL 7, 8.30 p.m

(Thriller, Carl Franklin, 2003) Thriller in film noir mode, set in Florida, which is very suitable for this type of film. Denzel Washington plays a cop going through a divorce. He also has an affair with a woman who is abused by her husband. If that’s enough film noir ingredients (watch out for the femme fatale), it goes completely by the book when the spouse’s husband dies and Washington appears to be the culprit. Still a pleasant film for a Monday night, if only because of Washington and Dutchman Theo van de Sande’s fine camera work.

Denzel Washington in Out of Time by Carl Franklin.  Picture

Denzel Washington in Out of Time by Carl Franklin.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Only 5, 8:30 p.m

(Fantasy, David Yates, 2010) The wizarding world has become a dark place since the arch ghoul Voldemort and his ilk have taken over. Harry, Hermione and Ron mainly move through desolate plains, bleak snowy landscapes and Wagner forests. There are lots of silent close-ups and the famous title tune never sounds full. Despite the depressed mood, director Yates still finds room to let Harry and Hermione dance clumsily to Nick Cave. Such scenes, the strong atmosphere and the beautiful shadow play-style animation make the penultimate Potter film thoroughly enjoyable.

Daniel Radcliffe (left) and Emma Watson in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 by David Yates.  Picture

Daniel Radcliffe (left) and Emma Watson in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 by David Yates.

Bruce the Almighty

SBS 9, 10.45 p.m

(Comedy, Tom Shadyac, 2003) Before Jim Carrey also showed himself as a serious actor, he was known for making jokes. IN Bruce the Almighty he plays mediocre TV host Bruce, who wants to move up the ranks but is thwarted by his villainous colleague Evan (a hilarious role by Steve Carell). At a certain point, Bruce throws his hands up to the sky in despair, where he is surprised to be greeted by a Morgan Freeman dressed in a snow-white outfit they would: guess who this man who keeps a file on Bruce until the very last second is actually . Bruce the Almightyin 2007 (without Carrey but with Steve Carell) followed by Evan Almightyis corny but very entertaining.

Trump and the Jews

NPO 2, 22.19

Last month, America went to the polls in the important midterm elections. The expected ‘red wave’ – a major victory for the Republicans – did not materialize, suggesting that Donald Trump’s chances for a second presidential term have dwindled. ITrump and the Jews Gideon Levy examines how the Jewish community in the United States experiences the current political climate. During his presidency, Trump showed himself as a friend of Israel, but with extreme statements and radical ideas, he has alienated his Jewish supporters.

Porn King: The Rise and Fall of Ron Jeremy

Canvas, 10:55 p.m

One of the few porn stars, Ron Jeremy became a celebrity outside of the sex industry in the 1970s. Always comical, he was a welcome guest on talk shows and reality series. Meanwhile, rumors circulated that Jeremy was regularly abusing his co-stars. In 2020, the actor was accused of nearly thirty counts of rape and sexual assault against women between the ages of 15 and 54. Documentary in two parts Porn King: The Rise and Fall of Ron Jeremy tells how the successful porn star fell.

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