Young, talented Groningen artists win the Hendrik de Vries scholarship and six thousand euros

Maartje Terpstra and Katayoon Valamanesh have won the prestigious Hendrik de Vries Scholarship for visual arts and literature respectively 2022. This was announced by Kirsten de Wrede, Culture Councilor of the Municipality of Groningen, yesterday. The scholarship is an annual incentive award for young, professional and talented Groningen artists that aims to stimulate their artistic development. The winners will each receive a cash prize of 6,000 euros, which they can use to implement their submitted plans.

A jury nominated three visual arts talents: Marnix Sixma, Davey Smand and Katayoon Valamanesh. Meinte Dirksen, Renske Marike van Dijk, Thomas van Essen and Maartje Terpstra were nominated in the Literature category. This year the jury consisted of: Emily Kocken (chairman), Barend van Heusden, Bart Nijstad, Sandra van Voorst, Rosa Everts and Ernst Arbouw. They advised the Municipal Board to appoint two of them as winners.

Katayoon Valamanesh (Visual Art)

The jury believes that Katayoon Valamanesh deserves a big stage and a wide audience for his work and further development as an artist. From the jury’s report:

Katayoon Valamanesh understands that “to credibly link personal urge to the professional desire to develop in a new direction, and to intensify the visual expressiveness, partly by entering into new interdisciplinary collaborations. She seems to want and be able to express fundamental and individual vulnerability in such an authentic way that, according to the jury, this venture will certainly be appreciated by a wide audience, among other things because of the artist’s uncompromising and passionate proposal. Katayoon Valamanesh is quite a young artist who will be able to accelerate her fragile but powerful work in what she can hopefully call her new homeland, supported by the award of the scholarship.”

Maartje Terpstra (literature)

Maartje Terpstra’s plan is ‘experimental and fearlessly ambitious’, the jury writes in its report. “She dares to contrast the paradox of language, the destructive and the creative, and use and release her talent, overwhelming joy in language and technique. The work also seems to want to propose a new role for the reader and to pursue an encounter with living linguistic beings. The jury is impressed by the ambition to create a new language experience where poet, language and reader are jointly responsible. The winning plan sounds like a literary organism that actively engages the reader. Maartje Terpstra has a unique, authentic voice that is willing and able to break up existing structures and actively involve the readers to allow this new language experience to take place. The jury believes that she exhibits a fearless, innovative literary vision and hopes that the award of the scholarship will support this poet’s ambition.”

Audience Award

In addition to the scholarship, all nominees also have a chance to win a public prize of 1,000 euros. The winner can use the money to develop his career. Until 11 January, the exhibition ‘De Oogst’ in Kunstpunt shows past and recent works by all nominees. You can vote for the People’s Prize until 8 January via the voting box in the exhibition or digitally via Kunstpunt is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00.

Talent development program Municipality of Groningen

The Hendrik de Vries scholarship is, together with the George Verberg scholarship (visual arts) and the Andrea Elkenbracht Fund (classical and contemporary music), part of the Groningen municipality’s talent development programme.

Photo above:

From left to right: Jury chairman Emily Kocken, Councilor Kirsten de Wrede, Literature winner Maartje Terpstra and Visual Arts winner Katayoon Valamanesh.” (Photo: Knelis.)

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