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“The tenant is central, that’s what we do it for. And we also want to radiate that. Communication is very important in this regard. The Bo-Ex culture is in each of us. Bo-Ex itself feels like home to us. Against this background, we do our best work for the tenants.”

We are looking for an experienced communications advisor who can put himself in our tenant’s place.

As a communications advisor, you have a wide range of tasks with great variety. No day is the same. Being able to switch quickly is therefore a must, e.g. in the event of unforeseen press questions. You work together with many different colleagues and stakeholders. Both internally and externally. Where your focus is on external communication, press contacts and strengthening and protecting Bo-Ex’s reputation.

You are a sparring partner for the team coordinator. You advise colleagues on operational matters. In addition, together with the team coordinator, you are the point of contact for press questions and you guide the director in press contacts.

For example, what should you do?

• You create communication plans that are in line with the strategy and organizational goals and ensure their implementation.
• You write and edit texts for various publications, both offline and online.
• You answer press questions and keep in touch with the press.
• In addition, you are involved in project communication (new construction, sustainability, renovation). You maintain contacts with all internal and external stakeholders and media.
• You reason from the tenant’s point of view: ‘How does it benefit our tenant?’ This is where your knowledge, advice and practical approach come in handy.

Who are you and what can you do?

• You are flexible and quickly switch between ongoing cases and issues. You like to work on strategic topics and you are good at it. Which course are we sailing? What role does communication play in this? You monitor our strategy in total.
• But you also roll up your sleeves and get down to business like writing a news story or arranging a meeting.
• As a communication professional, you lead by example and see it as a challenge to contribute to the development of a process-oriented organization. You approach people about shared values ​​and responsibility. You know how to give meaning to our core values ​​’tenant central, give and take responsibility and solidarity’ and act accordingly.
• Above all, you are a pleasant, honest and flexible colleague with several years of relevant work experience. You are well aware of what is going on in Utrecht and in the media around the theme of living.

What does Bo-Ex offer you?

• A nice place in the Communications Team, consisting of 3 people: you, a communications officer and a team coordinator.
• A versatile job for 32-36 hours in a social organization where responsibility is low in the organization and not everything is determined and well defined.
• Bo-Ex is actively involved in themes such as sustainability, vitality, job satisfaction and freedom of choice.
• The salary falls in scale I for the collective housing services €3,716 to €4,887 gross per month based on 36 hours.

As a housing company based in Utrecht, Bo-Ex offers affordable and good housing. Bo-Ex rents out and manages public housing in the city of Utrecht in close cooperation with tenants, the municipality and business partners.
Bo-Ex understands better than anyone how precious life is. It motivates us. Bo-Ex therefore goes much further than just living. Think welfare and care, clean and safe and promote opportunities in society for our tenants.

We look at what the tenants themselves can and will contribute to their living environment, neighborhood and fellow residents. For partners, this can mean more participation in discussions and decision-making. In all cases, tenants and business partners inspire us to do our work as well as possible.

How will Bo-Ex invest in you?

• If you work at Bo-Ex, we will look with you at what you need to do your job happily and successfully. It can be training or education, but also customized applications for homework or flexible working hours.
• Bo-Ex’s vitality program actively contributes to this through, among other things, a company fitness scheme, free fruit, a healthy selection of canteens, a lounge area with a massage chair, lunch trips, personal coaching and a vitality budget.
• Bo-Ex considers it important that employees continue to develop sustainably so that they remain agile for future development. In addition to the personal career development budget of €900 per year, you can make use of various workshops, training courses, coaching and inspiration sessions offered by the KLIMMR network of companies in the region.

Got excited?

Do you want to know more about the team or the position first? Please contact Saskia van Turennout, team coordinator, on 06 – 23 93 55 78.

You can answer up to and including 13 January via application button On our homepage.
The processing of the answers is provided by You will receive an acknowledgment reply from them.

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