De Volkskrant TV excerpt for Tuesday 13 December

Every day the editorial office of de Volkskrant the best shows and movies on TV. These are the ones from Tuesday.

Hannah Hoekstra in app by Bobby BoermansPicture Ray van der Bas

Motherless Brooklyn

SBS 9, 8:30 p.m

(Crime, Edward Norton, 2019) In this self-directed crime thriller, Edward Norton plays Lionel Essrog, a private investigator with Tourette syndrome. After boss Frank (Bruce Willis) is blown up by thugs in New York in 1957, Lionel investigates. But wait: a detective with Tourette’s? How can someone who involuntarily shouts the strangest things do discreet detective work? Fortunately, you get used to that eventually (a little), the decoration has been well taken care of and Norton gets great counterplay from, among others, Kenneth Williams, Alec Baldwin and Willem Dafoe.

Bruce Willis in Edward Norton's Motherless Brooklyn.  Image IMDB

Bruce Willis in Edward Norton’s Motherless Brooklyn.Image IMDB


Veronica, 8:30 p.m

(Action, Pierre Morel, 2018) The director of Assignments, in which Liam Neeson hunts down his daughter’s kidnappers, made a similarly straightforward vehicle with a woman as the avenging angel in question. Her name is Riley, and she will not rest until she has slaughtered all the drug criminals responsible for the deaths of her husband and daughter. Peppermint does not offer too fresh food, although the main character Jennifer Garner represents a bright spot: the countless dirty fights in Peppermint she seems to be having a lot of fun.

Jennifer Garner in 'Peppermint' by Pierre Morel.  Picture

Jennifer Garner in ‘Peppermint’ by Pierre Morel.

Floortje back to the end of the world

NPO 3, 21.15

In the very first season of Floortje to the end of the world Floortje Dessing was visiting the Brossier family. This French family chose a life in icy Canada. Eric Brossier had his sailboat frozen in the surrounding water, after which he and his wife and two daughters could enjoy temperatures of minus 30 degrees and the cold ice landscape around them for nine months of the year. Dessing decided to visit the Brossiers again to see if they still live in such a special place.

A perfect planet

Canvas, 9:20 p.m

Most life on Earth depends on the sun for energy. However, too much sun – and especially UV light – is harmful to plants and animals. Humans invented sunscreen to protect against UV, but some animals apply sunscreen to their own skin. A perfect planet shows how the zebrafish defends itself with the substance gadusol. Hippos protect their sensitive skin with a dark red secretion that looks like blood but is made of amino acids that block UV rays and kill bacteria.


RTL 7, 22.15

(Thriller, Bobby Boermans, 2013) Student Anna (strong lead by Hannah Hoekstra) discovers an app on her smartphone that cannot be removed: Iris, a kind of advanced version of Siri, the voice program on the iPhone that executes commands and answers questions. Of course, Iris’ assistance quickly becomes a burden. A video of a couple having sex is sent to exactly the wrong person on her contact list, Anna receives mysterious phone calls and sees the future death date of a good friend on Facebook. When App came out in 2013, director Boermans kicked the zeitgeist on its tail, while he clearly also envisioned a light-hearted thriller: see e.g. the reference to Dick Maas’ The elevator.


NPO 3, 22.15

While the world looks on with mixed feelings at the sporting achievements in Qatar, Lauren Verster is a little further ahead in Dubai. In the latest episode of Lauren this season, she examines the state of women’s sports in this Gulf state. In many Arab countries, sports are mainly reserved for men, but a growing group of brave women in Dubai are hoping to change that. They indulge in camel sports or become proficient in heavy caliber sports shooting. For the women, social interaction and empowerment go hand in hand.

2Doc in brief: The position of the grass

NPO 2, 23.14

You don’t just get a perfect lawn. Anyone who lets a sod run its course will soon be defeated by the dandelions, moss and worst of all the moles that undermine the lawn. In the short documentary The state of the grass, Rashel van der Schaaf shows how different everyday owners of a lawn relentlessly fight against nature to create a piece of green that may seem natural, but is not. Can that battle really be won? Meanwhile, the hedgehog, the kingfisher and the snail have their own thoughts.

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