Amsterdam Pride will become Queer & Pride Amsterdam in 2023

Queer Amsterdam (QA), a new organization consisting of various groups from the LGBTQ+ community and the Pride Amsterdam Foundation (SPA), which has organized the event in recent years, will jointly organize the new event Queer & Pride Amsterdam 2023. Andreas Cultuurfonds Foundation (ACF), which has jointly been responsible for cultural programming during Pride in recent years, has joined SPA as a co-organiser.

Councilor Touria Meliani (Inclusion and Anti-discrimination policy): “I am looking forward to Queer & Pride Amsterdam 2023. The event symbolizes the open and tolerant city we want to be. We celebrate the freedom to be yourself, love who you want to love, but also fight for equal rights for the entire rainbow community. Attention is drawn to the various groups that still have to fight for representation, recognition, liberation and security. That is why I am very happy that these organizations have gone this way to come to a new collaboration. I hope that the input and energy of all organizations together will make Queer & Pride Amsterdam even more a place where all people feel welcome and recognize themselves. I would like to thank all organizations enormously for their efforts.”

QA and SPA and are independent organisations, but work complementary to an event lasting a total of thirteen days. The municipality will issue two umbrella permits for QA and SPA next year. Both organizations therefore have their own responsibility for their budget and apply for funds independently of each other. ACF participates in SPA’s permit application and budget in 2023 and will once again organize a cultural programme. The municipality of Amsterdam participated in the preparations as a supporting and facilitating party.

The first week is dedicated to anti-discrimination and national and international solidarity with marginalized groups in society. In addition, the variations of queer and trans identities are celebrated. This first week is organized by QA and starts on July 22nd with the Pride Walk event and runs until Friday July 28th.
The second week, organized by SPA, starts on Tuesday 1 August and ends with the boat parade on Saturday 5 August and the closing party on Dam Square on 6 August. In addition to attention for liberation, culture and debate, the second week will also offer space for parties and meetings.

Aynouk Tan, Chair of Queer Amsterdam: “We are happy that we can organize Queer & Pride Amsterdam in an independent way. This agreement would not have been possible without the many fighters who have spoken out against injustice and exclusion. We thank you and can’t wait to make our voices heard loud and united.”

Frans van der Avert, Chairman of the Board of the Pride Amsterdam Foundation: ‘Pride Amsterdam has its own meaning and interpretation for everyone. At the same time, the struggle to be able to ‘be who you are and love who you want’ binds you. Pride Amsterdam Foundation believes that to grow even more with the content program, you must also be able to share. Therefore, we are happy that we can now together give Queer Amsterdam space for their vision and programming, while maintaining all the good things about Pride Amsterdam with the part that we will continue to organize.’

Siep de Haan, secretary of the Andreas Cultuurfonds and initiator/organizer of the first ten Pride editions: “The Pride is an inclusive diamond that shines on all sides and an example in Europe. I’m glad that even more people are participating this year with the arrival of QA.”

Pride politics Amsterdam
Pride Amsterdam, an initiative of the LGBTQ+ community, has been inextricably linked to the city for twenty-five years and still plays an important role in the emancipation of the LGBTQ+ community. In recent years, it has become clear that part of society needs changes in parts of the Pride policy.
In addition, the current political framework is from 2011 and needs to be revised. The main features of the new policy were adopted in March 2022. With the new policy framework, steps are taken towards a sustainable future for Pride Amsterdam, making it even more of an event for and by the entire LGBTQ+ community. The event’s impact on the city and other wants and needs of participants, visitors and residents were also carefully considered. The revised Pride policy will come into effect in 2024.

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