Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: Lakshmi, Club Guy & Roni, WinterWelvaart, militaria fair and 25 artists in CAMPIS Assen

What is happiness really?, a dive into the subconscious, beautifully lit ships, military objects and an exhibition in Assen. Again a small selection of all the excursions you can go on in Groningen and Drenthe in the coming days.

Club Guy & Roni ask: What is happiness?

How do we find meaning when nothing lasts forever? Where do we find happiness if being happy is just a snapshot? From a fascination with this ‘impermanence’, the transitory nature of nature, where nothing is ever fixed or ever finished, dance performance Assets to get up.

The universal law of change is that nothing stays the same. It may sound scary, but perhaps it is precisely this finitude that makes life so beautiful. Choreographers Roni Haver, Guy Weizman and Ashley Lobo, the dancers and musicians enter Assets each in their own way searching for the meaning of the wonderful and fleeting gift of life. The result is a dance performance like a road movie through India, where the ‘wonder of life’ is depicted through a series of images, impressions and moments.

Into the music Assets is inspired by the dynamic and (colorful) rich India. Slagwerk Den Haag’s percussionists play Indian instruments such as sarod and tabla. You will also hear tracks by Indian composers and sound bites from Dharavi – one of the biggest slums in Mumbai.

Groningen – Stadsschouwburg, Wed to Sat at 20.15, 25.50 euros (up to 29 years 12.50 euros)

A dive into the subconscious

Artist, songwriter and theater maker Lakshmi debuted in 2017 with a surprising combination of listening songs and electronics, complemented by guitars and strings. She herself calls it pop-noir.

IN Dream she delves into the subconscious with her musicians and creates a universe of music and film about dreams, nightmares and everything in between. With self-penned songs that range from sweet and small to grand and dark, Lakshmi takes you to the world of sleep between sleep and wakefulness. What happens when the subconscious takes over and all desires and dreams float to the surface? Do you dare to follow all your dreams or are you afraid of nightmares?

Meppel – Ogterop, Thu 20.15, 24.75 euros

Atmospherically illuminated ships in Groningen

In Groningen, Hoge, Lage and Kleine der A this weekend again the interior of the WinterWelvaart. Historic ships are beautifully lit at the quayside. The ships, but also Akerk and Museum aan de A (the former Northern Maritime Museum) are a stage for theatre, music, poetry, lectures and workshops throughout the weekend.

All in the theme ‘proud of the Groningen A’s’. From theater on the water to special tours and music in Akerk. The entire program can be found at winterwelvaart.nl.

Groningen – Hoge and Lage der Aa, Fri to Sun, Fri 17-24, Sat 12-24 and Sun 12-18.

Militaria Scholarship for Enthusiasts | advertising

It is the very first time that the Victory Museum in Grootegast is one great Militaria fair stores for collectors. Anyone interested in military artefacts from different periods of history can indulge themselves at this fair.

There are more than twenty exhibitors at the fair who show their material from pre-war, WWII and post-war to interested parties. Items such as uniforms, helmets, books, awards, vehicle parts and equipment can all be found at the fair. There is of course also space to visit the Victory museum; there is an extensive collection of WW II equipment and vehicles. With the same admission ticket, you can also visit the LEGIO museum and the Museum printing press.

Grootegast – Victory Museum 1940-1945, Sat at 10.00-17.00, 8 euros

An exhibition entitled ‘Untitled’ | advertising

At CAMPIS Podium for contemporary art in Assen until 6 January you can see the (sales) exhibition Untitled, containing works by 25 artists who were born in Assen or the surrounding area, or who currently live and/or work in Drenthe.

Together they form a representative reflection of what is currently happening in the region in contemporary art. The artists have been invited by CAMPIS to participate and vary in age from 25 to 80 years. Each of them is innovative in its own field. The exhibition thus presents a picture of artists who are at the beginning of their careers to those who are already established. This means that the well-known names ensure that the work of the newcomers also gets attention. CAMPIS has also asked the participating artists for this exhibition to provide three works that can be bought as gifts for this festive month.

Assen – CAMPIS, until January 6, Wed to Sun 12-5pm, free

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