Freezing cold melts sympathy for climate pushers


While countless Dutch people are shaking in their own homes, the Green Lobby continues to focus on climate change. In fact, they seize the freezing cold to enforce ‘sustainability’. But this cold, tone-deaf attitude is facing growing opposition from callous Dutch people.

Coldest week of the year

This week, many houses in the Netherlands are shaking and shaking. It is expected to remain freezing all week, especially at night. Freezing cold is a very common meteorological phenomenon around this time of year in the Netherlands. But now that gas prices are soaring, many people are faced with a difficult dilemma: suffer from the cold or open their wallets. This while the freezing cold is life-threatening for a group of vulnerable people. This week’s freezing cold could be deadly, especially for heart patients.


Instead of showing understanding, let alone compassion, the climate left is also using the high energy bills – for which they are responsible due to their mismanagement – ​​to reinforce their climate propaganda. Due to skyrocketing energy costs, home owners are ‘motivated’ to become more sustainable. The climate dramas therefore ideologically abuse the freezing cold. Insulation of walls, replacement of windows, installation of solar panels or installing a water pump are mentioned as sustainability options. However, these benefits far outweigh the costs. For example, to have a water pump installed with additional insulation costs, you can easily pay €40,000, according to the Economic Institute for Construction (EIB). This climate ‘investment’ is therefore a pure loss for the home owners.

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Responsible for climate change

Nevertheless, ‘climate philosopher’ Marc Davidson, associated with Radboud University in Nijmegen, claims that every individual should ‘take responsibility for the climate crisis’. He sees the government as the solution to this ‘problem’: “The government must make everything that is climate-unfriendly more expensive.” He sees skyrocketing energy costs as a “bright spot… [dat] we used to need climate policy.” According to him, these high energy prices work best “to drive that kind of individual choice.” But according to Davidson, it is more important to vote for the right parties: ‘A green vote has more effect than green consumption.’

Shivering indignation

The poor management of the Green Lobby hits many Dutch people extra hard in this freezing cold. On Twitter and elsewhere, the outrage over the high energy costs caused by them is therefore great:

Many Dutch people literally feel left out in the cold. They cannot afford the luxury of worrying about the extra degree the earth will warm in 2050, when the temperature in their own homes is ten degrees below comfortable. Therefore, support for the climate madness is rapidly diminishing as the harsh consequences become known.

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Dangerous Adventures

But it is not only the sky-high energy costs that fewer and fewer can cough up. The left-wing climate adventures also contain the real danger for one large-scale power failure in the Netherlands in hard frost. A power failure during severe frost is extremely dangerous. The freezing temperatures can cause solar panels and wind turbines to freeze. As a result, they can no longer produce electricity. It almost happened in Texas recently, but the Netherlands was therefore also dependent on foreign emergency power during a freezing period in April 2018. If we do not quickly switch to reliable energy sources, it is only a matter of time before a colossal disaster awaits us.

How do we win the climate war?

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