Basecamp Eco-resorts issue certificates for rapid further growth

Basecamp Eco-resorts’ mission is to build the most beautiful resorts in every possible place in the world and to make these places (even) more beautiful than they already are. These eco-resorts must be as self-sufficient as possible in terms of electricity, water and food supply and support nature and local communities.

The company consists of a team of specialists and experts in the field of sustainability, explains CCO Eelke Pollé. “Think about sustainable electricity production and storage in your own grid. We are also experimenting with wind energy, water purification and growing our own food.”

In his position, Pollé is responsible for sales, marketing and commercial strategy. She came on board with Basecamp Eco-resorts a year and a half ago. Before that, she was active in the travel industry for 18 years, as an entrepreneur and in recent years mainly as an investor and startup coach.

After selling her other company – an investment fund and an accelerator program for travel startups – she felt like building something of her own again. “Then I got in touch with Basecamp Eco-resorts and it was love at first sight.”

No traditional holiday parks

According to Pollé, the resorts cannot be compared to the ‘traditional’ holiday parks. “We invest a significant part of the profit in sustainability. In addition, the look & feel is very different: No house is the same, the grounds are playful with art objects, and it is not about mass tourism, but a personal approach to the guests.”

In addition, guests can actively participate in sustainable activities such as beach clean-ups, greening the site, learning to grow your own food (and enjoy the harvest), and Basecamp Eco-resorts like to connect people through inspiring events such as bonfire sessions, yoga classes, workshops, but also sports activities and live music.

“Of course, we are not unique with solar panels on the roofs and certainly not the first to build a holiday park or bring a food truck with live music. But I think we are the first to bring all these elements together. We were just talking today that Basecamp Eco-resorts are actually kind of a cross between the ultimate hospitality service of the Four Seasons, the creative and connecting feeling of the Burning Man festival, and the sustainability and outdoor spirit of Patagonia,” she laughs.

Digital nomads

The resorts are suitable for people who love nature, have an active lifestyle and consider sustainability important. For people who like to connect with others but also like luxury and comfort.

But the company does not want to focus only on tourists. “Since corona, everyone has been a digital nomad. So you can also work from the resort. From co-working spaces for the self-employed to inspiring meeting and event facilities for large companies.”

Success in IJmuiden

It all started in IJmuiden in the Netherlands, says Pollé. “You have to imagine that we started in a former parking lot, so literally asphalt and sand. Now it has become a very green and sustainable park. We have set it up so that we grow our own vegetables. We poured soil into the greenhouse, but also between the houses to make the soil fertile and the park as green and edible as possible.”

The houses in IJmuiden were sold out in one day, attracted 33,000 visitors and the company achieved a turnover of 5 million euros last year. “After this successful first placement, we are ready for growth,” says Pollé. In 2023, Basecamp Eco-resorts will develop new resorts in Tanzania and Sardinia. Locations in Bali, Portugal, Sweden and Vietnam followed in the following years.

Ready for growth

To fund this growth, Basecamp Eco-resorts is now issuing shares on a one-off basis. “So this is a unique opportunity to become a co-owner of eco-paradise around the world and share in the profits,” emphasizes Pollé. “The revenue model for holiday parks has proven itself several times, such as at Landal Greenparks, Roompot and Europarcs, and is very lucrative. But with us it is also sustainable, and it is the future.

As a certificate holder, you benefit from the profits from both development and operation of the parks. We want to pay out a dividend of 10 to 15 percent annually. We invest the rest of the profit in new locations. In this way, your share grows with the growth of the company and the property portfolio.”

Invest in this time

According to Pollé, right now is an opportunity to invest in such a project. “With all the crises that exist, such as energy prices, climate change and the nitrogen debate, the market for ecotourism is actually being launched. In 2019, this market was already valued at USD 181.1 billion and is expected to grow to USD 333.8 billion by 2027. That is a growth of more than 14 percent per year.

With this number, Basecamp wants to raise 3 million euros. “We expect that half will already be occupied by our own network. We have a loyal base of ambassadors. Some already have a house and are eager to invest further in other resorts. So I think you should be quick.”

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