New names Music and Art – Festival Grasnapolsky 2023

SCHEEMDA – With just under three months until the tenth edition on March 10, 11 and 12, 2023, Festival Grasnapolsky announces new music names and the first two names for the art program. Cloudsurfers • Elten Kiene • Eva Serena • Fedde &de Carvalho • Géonne Hartman • Joya Mooi • Kourosh • La Jungle • Nagasaki Swim • Pitou • The Haunted Youth

Music program
Today, nine new names are added to the music program in Grasnapolsky 2023. It has been buzzing around Belgian indie sensation for some time now. The haunted youth – the band around Joachim Liebens. With their introspective and exuberant combination of psych-pop and shoegaze, they released their debut album Dawn of the Freak last November. In Scheemda they come to fulfill their promise as gold medalists in Nieuwe Lichting. Other newcomers are the Amsterdam rapper Kouroshwho raps in English and Farsi about his life as a second-generation Iranian-Dutch, the double drum-driven surf punk brigade Cloud surfers and the infectiously playful singer-songwriter from Utrecht Geonne Hartman. Also noise rock duo La Jungle and indie pop singer Eve Serena – who has previously performed at the festival with his former band San Dollar – will be added to the line-up.

But past Grasnapolsky highlights also find their way back to Factory de Toekomst for this anniversary edition.

Music programmer Sam Heegstra: “Just before our anniversary edition Pitou‘s debut album Big Tear is out, and if the singles are to be believed, her third time at Grasnapolsky – she was previously at Radio Kootwijk in 2016 and 2018 – will be her most enchanting yet.’

Also Dutch-South African singer and streaming gun Joya beautiful returns to the factory to take the audience into her world of confused synths and exuberant beats. The country and Midwest emo-inspired band around Jasper Boogaard Nagasaki swimwho missed the canceled edition of 2021, will make up for that deficiency this year.

Art program
Grasnapolsky tells the story of a special place, environment, history and future, not only with brand new music, but also with innovative dance, theatre, visual arts, performance art and expeditions.

For this edition, the festival collaborates with theater maker Anne Roos Rosa de Carvalho (Mirage reflections and Het Land van Nooit), sound artist Fedde ten Berge (winner of the Victoriefonds Cultuurprijs 2022) and their company. Fedde & DeCarvalho. With their musical theater rave about the letter’s disappearance, they go down in Strokarton’s history. Archive material comes to life in a stimulating way, and Monteverdi has never sounded so underground. Spoken word artist Elten Kiene returns to Gras, after programming and presenting Words Worden Zinnen in 2020. This edition he will be on stage himself with the personal, musical performance ‘Ik Ben Nog Nooit Op Dit Punt Geweest’, which premiered at Oerol 2022, and where he effortlessly mixes spoken word, dance, installation and music into a theatrical gem of magnificent size.

Full line-up so far:
Aili • Bob Uit Zuid • Bumble B. Boy • Cloud Cafe • Cloudsurfers • Dorpsstraat 3 • Elten Kiene • Eva Serena • Fedde &DeCarvalho • Géonne Hartman • Joya Mooi • Children with buns • Kourosh • La Jungle • Lander & Adriaan • Library card • Loupe • Luna Morgenstern • Mila V • Monolithe Noir • Nagasaki Swim • Pitou • Prince S. and the Goat • Robin Scherpen • Roufaida • SIM—OJ • SNACKBAR the Ambassador • Someone • The Haunted Youth • Zea

ESNS Extra: Grasnapolsky X Cylinder
For audiences who can’t wait to visit the festival in March, there is already a (free!) musical preview to visit during Eurosonic Noorderslag. On Thursday 19 January from 17:00 to 20:00, some new and familiar names from the Grasnapolsky lineup will perform at Cylinder Bar (OOST) in Groningen during ESNS Extra.


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