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In the living room, one wall is filled with museum posters, old paintings and prints that Trine found in thrift stores. The wall, with works by Ane Hvidberg, Tine Kaag Raun and Matisse, forms the perfect backdrop for the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Trine about art

Who are your favorite artists?

“I have many: Asger Jorn, Jackson Pollock, Frida Kahlo and Michael Kvium…”

Whose work would you like to own?

“From Jack Kabangu. He’s really talented.”

Is there a piece of art that you will never part with?

“I have a large painting in the dining room that my brother, Mark Brunsvig, painted. I will never let that go, it is so beautiful.”

Trine kept the walls in the bedroom white; she painted the ceiling blue. She bought the bedspread at Craft Sisters in Copenhagen. The pillows are from Ikea and Notre Dame. The painting above the bed is by Javier O’Neill.

No upper cabinets in kitchen, but open shelves.

Trine also has a soft spot for dresses. She prefers to go for colorful designs. In the bedroom, they hang from a steel shelf with hanger stand from Ikea. Above are boxes of accessories, below is her shoe collection in boxes.

The kitchen wall is painted with mineral lime paint from Jotun in the color Rustic Terracotta.

In the Ikea kitchen, there is just enough room for shelves between the water pipes. The floor is painted pink in contrast to the cupboard doors. The painting is by Javier O’Neill.

Trine found the can on the small teak sideboard in the living room at a flea market in Milan. She filled it with Christmas decorations.


Small tableaus with candles and ceramics give atmosphere in the month of December to Trine’s apartment.

Trine’s brother Mark Brunsvig made the large painting in the dining room, a work that Trine will never get rid of. Trine found the school chairs in a vintage shop. The table also comes from one thrift shop. Tine painted it a lavender color.

As a primary school teacher, Trine (@trinebrunsvig) is surrounded by happy children throughout the month of December. It always gives her Christmas feeling a huge boost. She loves the lights and colors that Copenhagen wraps itself in at Christmas. She also likes to add a little extra colour, coziness and candles in her own apartment during the holidays. At the beginning of December, the first Christmas decoration gets a nice place in her house. “I inherited part of it, the rest I made myself or bought when I was traveling abroad around Christmas and New Year. Everything matches the colors in my house. But unlike other seasons, winter can be a bit more playful and experimental, it doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful,” says Trine, who constantly changes and rearranges the house. Her house feels anything but static, especially in December, when there are decorations and she brings nature inside. “I like the city with all its Christmas lights, but I also like walking in the woods around December. There I find all kinds of material for candles, bowls, dishes and vases,” says Trine. In addition to elements from nature, the house is filled with homemade decoration. New things are added every year. Trine is artistic, she relaxes when she works with her hands. Christmas is the ideal opportunity for her to be creative. She makes Christmas decorations that she can use immediately and enjoy for many years to come.


Art is very important to Trine. On the walls hang all kinds of works that she has collected over the years. She has put together beautiful gallery walls, from floor to ceiling and in great color combinations. She enjoys looking at it every day. “I am very interested in art, which gives a house personality. Art also gives life to a room and arouses curiosity,” says Trine. She regularly visits exhibitions and museums, both in Denmark and on trips. She also likes to offer paintings and posters; on new and old works of art. “I like art that creates an atmosphere, that moves my mind when I look at it, and that evokes an emotion. But art can also only be aesthetic, that it is simply beautiful.” Trine regularly moves all the works she has collected over the years. The days between Christmas and New Year are a good time for this. “On Christmas Day, I often pack up all the Christmas decorations. I clean the apartment and buy a bouquet of flowers. The room feels a little empty, but that’s okay. Time for new things.”


WHO? Trine Brunsvig (38, primary school teacher) What? Apartment in Copenhagen of 110 sqm. The house officially consisted of two apartments which have been merged into one room.

A selection of Trines large collection of ceramics that she found on holiday. The bowls come from Portugal, the small Christmas trees from Florence, the yellow jug is German and the other jug ​​is Swedish.

1. blanket, 120×200 cm € 270 Back view

2. Wine glass €13 HK Living

3. Side table €325 Pole pots

4. Christmas pendant €14.99 Sissy-Boy Homeland

5. Christmas ball €2.64 Sostrene Grene

6. Kissing €25 Louise Misha

7. Armchair €199 Maisons du Monde

8. Toaster € 159 Smeg

9. Pear €99.99 Anna + Nina

10. Salt and pepper shaker €20 WoodMata

11. The dinner plate €39.50 Bitossi

12. Scented ceramic candles €60 Anthropology


Choose all your tableware and accessories in a few favorite colors and mix and match

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In the room at the back of the apartment, Trine often works or paints. The gallery wall around the small work area has posters from the Poster Factory and the Louisiana Museum. She found the old paintings in thrift stores and flea markets. The rug is from Craft Sisters in Copenhagen.

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