‘Triangle of Sadness’ and the new ‘Avatar’ are made for cinema

‘Triangle of Sorrow’.

Bor, you mention film week. What’s on the menu?

‘Let me start with Triangle of Trianglesbut we are certainly also talking about the new one avatar having. The interesting thing is: These are the two films that cinemas should give the necessary boost in what is traditionally the cinema month of the year. On the one hand, you have Cannes’ artistic triumph: the Palme d’Or winner Triangle of Triangles. And on the other hand, there is the mega-blockbuster hit Avatar: The Way of Water, the sequel we’ve been waiting thirteen years for. For me, there are two good reasons to go to the cinema en masse.

Triangle of Triangles (comedy, 147 min., ★★★★☆) is also one of those movies that you want to watch with many people at the same time. There are scenes where the full audience sympathizes – you can hear it, you can feel it. This film was made for the collective experience and for the roar of laughter.

‘At one point we are on board a 100 meter long superyacht, and two of our main characters – a model couple – find themselves in the world of the super rich. The main role is in the hands of an alcoholic Marxist captain, wonderfully played by Woody Harrelson. He decides to start the captain’s dinner when stormy weather is expected. Well, that boat is going to capsize, of course, dinner is a big mess, the vomit scene is already famous. You are double. In the words of director Ruben Östlund: the end of Western civilization.

‘Östlund’s film is about herd behaviour; about how people always adapt to the group. It also means that you must watch his film together. They are not about good and evil, but about our behavior. IN Triangle of Triangles Östlund shows the class society on such a luxury yacht. At the top of the pyramid you have the super rich and the fashion models, below that the visible staff, people who have slightly better jobs, but who are also considered by the passengers as a kind of semi-lively. And below that is the invisible part of the boat crew, such as the cleaners. Östlund turns that hierarchy upside down masterfully.

‘Funny, but it also gnaws. This is also a film about the kind of exploitation we described in the newspaper because of the World Cup in Qatar. Yes, Triangle of Triangles is the film currently showing in cinemas.’

And then: the long-awaited continuation of avatar. Also such a cinema tip?

‘Yes, can’t do without. Director James Cameron is now releasing the new 3D techniques he invented for the first underwater installment. And that technology seems to be made for it: after all, the underwater world is also a bit of another world. And Cameron mixes it with the otherworldly here: the most wonderful fish and anemones that the blue Na’vi creatures swim through.

‘Truly, you wonder at what you see in it Avatar: The Way of Water (science fiction, 192 min., ★★★★☆). This film is a form of pure cinema, I wrote earlier in my review. It’s like seeing even sharper, even deeper. A sensation. It’s taken a while, but Cameron is raising the visual bar again. It is also a reason to go to the cinema: to see something we have not seen before. If you avatar look home you have avatar not seen.

“You don’t necessarily follow history avatar – at least not me. That’s not what makes this movie unique. Avatar: The Way of Water tells a somewhat straightforward epic adventure about a hero who crosses over to the other side and becomes part of the Na’vi people, only to resist the colonizing and ecologically destructive humans. Current themes by the way, but the layering is in the picture and not in the story. I don’t mind: the film still exceeds my expectations. Every now and then I sat back in the chair and could only say ‘wow’. Cameron is a pioneer, someone who wants to do something with each new film that has never been done before. We should protect such filmmakers.’

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