What to do when it rains on Bonaire? These are the 6 best tips!

It does not often rain on Bonaire, but of course it can occur during the rainy season. Regardless of the weather forecast, it is and will be an island. The clouds filled with rain come and go, and the wind changes regularly. But what if you have a whole day of rain and you don’t want to lie on the beach bed? Five practical tips to do on a rainy day.

1. Shopping in Kralendijk

Kralendijk is the ‘capital’ of Bonaire and is excellent to spend a rainy afternoon. Take a good umbrella with you and look for nice souvenirs in the shops. Don’t expect a huge shopping area, because Kralendijk may be the capital, but it’s actually more of a village in size. It is therefore more fun not only to go after the products, but especially for the entrepreneurs and employees. Have a nice chat and ask what brought them to Bonaire. Everyone is very friendly and open and you immediately learn more about the people of Bonaire.

The center is not large, but there are lots of small cozy shops or souvenir shops

Gray clouds disappear with these brightly colored buildings

2. Diving or snorkeling!

It may not sound logical, but a rainy day is perfect for snorkeling or diving. Be aware that there is no thunderstorm in the air, because then it is dangerous to enter the water. But in gray rainy weather, definitely put on your flippers. You’ll get wet anyway, and it’s much quieter on the normally popular beaches. Also nice; you have less chance of emerging from the water with a bright red, burnt back.

Even during a dark cloudy day, the water remains amazing in color

3. Take a nice liqueur, visit the cactus distillery

Yet there is also so much more to do on the island. Bonaire has the only cactus distillery in the world. The distillery belongs to the Gietman family, who left life in the Netherlands and lived on Bonaire. During a tour, they tell you with great passion how and why this distillery was created. It is very nice to hear that the Gietman family especially wants to honor the culture and traditions of the island, and that is precisely why they started working with the cactus. You don’t need to sign up for a tour during opening hours, and it’s also free. Although there is a good chance that you will of course take home a nice liqueur.

bonaire cactus liqueur
During the tour, it is explained how and why the cactus liqueur is made

4. Go for a snack!

When we think of a snack in the Netherlands, we naturally think of food and the snack bar on the corner. But a ‘snack’ has a different meaning on Bonaire. It’s a local bar. A place where you can meet. It can sometimes be accompanied by food, but more often it is a kind of pub. Especially in the evening. During the day, Maiky snack is highly recommended. According to them, but also according to the locals we spoke to, Maiky Snack serves the best local food. We tried it and can say that the mackerel can clearly be recommended. Don’t expect a fancy place here, but expect the real Caribbean vibe! NB; Maiky Snack is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 11.00 and 15.00.

At Maiky Snack, they serve the best local food. They and the locals on the island think so too.

5. Take a tour through the northern and southern parts of the island.

On Bonaire, almost everyone drives around with a pick-up truck. During the rainy day, you can jump into the tall car and drive around. There is also so much to see from the car and that way you get to know the island faster. In addition, this way you can quickly see which places you absolutely want to see. You can choose a trip on the northern part of Bonaire, but the southern part is definitely worth it too.

bonaire rainy weather
Take a road trip and enjoy all the beautiful places on Bonaire from the car

donkey bonaire

6. Book a yoga class at Sorobon

It is probably very few people who choose yoga during a powerful shower. Therefore, this, like diving, may not sound very logical to do on a rainy day. Still, it is recommended. It is much less hot and oppressive than when the bright sun is shining on you. In addition, there is much less of a rush and there are fewer distractions during the yoga session. It is precisely the silence on the beach and in the sea that ensures that you end up in the right flow with your head and body. You can take yoga classes at Zest for Life Yoga Bonaire.

yoga bonaire
A yoga class after a downpour isn’t such a bad idea. Nice and quiet on the beach and no bright sun on the body.

On a trip to Bonaire

Fancy a holiday to Bonaire? Then these travel tips will come in handy.

Plan your trip

  • It is a 12 hour flight to Bonaire (from Amsterdam).
  • Cheap tickets to Bonaire can be found, among other things, via TUI Fly. These are direct flights (sometimes with a stopover) or via Vliegtickets.nl. You will also find the cheapest flight routes there.
  • Or book your flight tickets directly with KLM.
  • Still looking for hotel tips? A super delicious hotel is the Sonrisa Boutique Hotel in Kralendijk. And we also really liked the Grand Windsock Bonaire!
  • You can also book a complete sun holiday to Bonaire (flight + hotel) via TUI or Corendon.
  • With a rental car you are super flexible and you can see a lot of Bonaire in a short time. You can book reliable rental cars (all inclusive and 100 percent insured) through Sunny Cars.

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