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ARNHEM The first Gelderland Culture Monitor was launched on Thursday 1 December during the Hét Gelders Cultuursymposium. This screen shows the state of culture in Gelderland based on facts and figures. The monitor shows that 80 percent of Gelderlanders consider art and culture to be important to society.

Peter Drenth, Gelderland’s representative for Culture and Heritage: ,,For the first time, we are giving an insight into how the entire cultural area in Gelderland works. The monitor emphasizes how important art and culture are for Gelderland: art and culture unite, connect and contribute to participation. As can be seen from the large number of people who engage in museums, libraries and even practice amateur art. By continuing to measure, we see how art and culture are developing in Gelderland. The monitor helps us draw conclusions from policy and make adjustments where necessary. And that provides opportunities for the Gelderland cultural sector”.

The world of museums is strongly represented in Gelderland

The research shows that the Gelderland youth in particular are the ‘cultural omnivores’

Gelderland stands out when it comes to the number of museums. With 95 museums, Gelderland is in third place nationally. The number of museum visits in Gelderland per per capita is also relatively high compared to other provinces. This shows that more supply also seems to generate more visitors, both from within the province and outside.

The research shows that the Gelderland youth in particular are the ‘cultural omnivores’. They practice the most frequent and most diverse culture. Young people are also the most critical of the cultural offer: one in seven Gelderlanders believes that there is too little on offer, with young people in particular dissatisfied with the visibility, quality and diversity of the cultural offer.

Organizational strength of amateur art associations under pressure

Compared to other provinces, Gelderland has a relatively large number of amateur artists. The Gelderlanders consider amateur coastal practice important, 42% are active as amateur artists, which is high on a national level. When it comes to the organizational strength of the amateur art associations – the ability to recruit (board) members, volunteers and artistic supervisors – we see that this has decreased significantly.

More companies in the creative industry moved to Gelderland in the recent period than returned. In relative terms, this number increased faster than the national average: 14% in Gelderland compared to 12% nationally in the period 2017 to 2020. This is an indication of a good business climate for the creative industry in Gelderland.

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Gelder’s cultural symposium. In the picture from left to right Sarah Heijse, Peter Drenth, Milouska Meulens. – Photo: Marcel Krijgsman

Art and culture important for the meeting

In an online cultural survey – in which more than 2,500 Gelderlanders participated – the Gelderlanders agree on the importance of art and culture for meeting and connection, for togetherness and well-being. Important values ​​in a time when loneliness plays a big role in society.

The Gelderland Culture Monitor was created by a question from the Provincial Council to the Provincial Executive about the effect and impact of the provincial culture policy. Cultuur Oost, Gelderland’s advisory and supporting institution in the field of culture, was then commissioned by the province of Gelderland – together with various Gelderland partners – to set up a broad, two-year culture monitor. The research was carried out by Het PON & Telos, Pyrrhula Research Consultants and the Boekman Foundation.

provincial elections

The monitor provides important insight into the provincial election. In the run-up to these elections, Cultuur Oost also investigated the province’s provincial role in cultural Gelderland. We looked explicitly at the roles in which the province has (had) demonstrable added value over the years. This research aims to sharpen the current and modernize the future cultural policy in the province of Gelderland.

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