Record number of 45,000 packages for the food bank

Unilever packs 45,000 year-end packages for food banks with various partners at two locations

Food Banks – For four days, hundreds of Unilever employees pack packages for the Food Bank for the twelfth year in a row. This year, a record 45,000 packages are put together with the help of a number of partners.

Unilever packs the packages together with partners Bidfood, Rotterdam Ahoy, NIBC, Riedel, DPG Media, Dr. Oetker, Upfield, Sodexo and Martin Stolze BV Half is packed in Rotterdam Ahoy, the other half is packed simultaneously with partner Bidfood in Biddinghuizen. Food bank ambassadors Frank Dane and René Froger will also contribute and help with packing in Rotterdam and Biddinghuizen respectively.

Since its inception in December 2011, Unilever’s pack campaign has grown into a large-scale annual project to wish food bank customers a happy December. This year, the contribution to the Food Banks is particularly desirable due to the increasing number of customers who need to use the food bank as a result of inflation and higher living costs. Kirsten Vermeer, Unilever’s Dutch package campaign team for the end of the year: “It is sad to see that this year there has been a significant increase in the number of households dependent on the food bank. Together with our partners, this year we will do our utmost to pack a total of 45,000 packages. In this way, we hope to encourage all households connected to the food bank and show that they are not alone in the month of December.”

The food bank could also use the help this year, especially during a period of historically high inflation and rising energy prices, resulting in even more food bank customers. Leo Wijnbelt from Voedselbanken Nederland: “We are very happy that we can also give households throughout the Netherlands an extra year-end package this year. Unfortunately, we have seen a twenty percent growth in the number of customers since the beginning of 2022, and it is expected to increase further. This means that we are already at around 45,000 households in total. We will continue our efforts to provide direct food aid to people in need. All extra help from companies and volunteers are more than welcome here.”

Source: Unilever/@FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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