The revealing celebs on the black carpet by Thierry Mugler

The exhibition is this week Couturiism opened at the Brooklyn Museum in New York, an ode to the late fashion designer Thierry Mugler. In addition, the necessary celebrities or celebs were present in daring looks, naturally from the brand that bears his name.

Thierry Mugler was the fashion designer everyone wanted to work with. He designed dresses for the world’s greats, but did much more.

Thierry Mugler Couturissime, black runner
Thierry Mugler in 1999 (Image: ANP)

The Frenchman began his career in 1962 as a dancer with the ballet of the Opera National du Rhin, launched his Café de Paris brand in 1973 and founded the fashion house under his own name in 1974. In 2002 he said goodbye to the fashion world and became Cirque du Soleil’s costume designer. In between, the all-rounder directed the video clip Too funky (1992) by George Michael and the Tour I am… by Beyoncé in 2008, for which he also designed costumes and sets.

The Black Bishop by Thierry Mugler: Couturissime

At least the Mugler brand is alive and well again and today is mainly known for dresses that don’t hide too much. The exhibition Thierry Mugler: Couturissime at the Brooklyn Museum collects more than 150 garments from his work. A similar exhibition has already been shown at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, but it lacked celebs and a red carpet. A black carpet had been rolled out in Brooklyn, where big stars like Kylie Jenner were only too happy to show off their daring outfit. The highlights of the series, and we are not talking about the total number of kilos of fillers, botox and that kind of hassle.

Lourdes Leon

We like Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter. Does what she likes, pushes the boundaries and always brings nice dates to these kinds of events. Today she is also an ambassador for Savage x Fenty, Rihanna’s lingerie brand.

bodysuit, lourdes leon, daughter madonna, thierry mugler, sexy celebs, black carpet
Lourdes Leon and a partner or date (Image: ANP)


In fact, you can’t appear on a black carpet more Thierry Mugler than singer Tinashe. A deep bow to this lady, who you may also know from the series Two and a half men. We’re not connoisseurs of earrings per se, but these hoops make our top 10 earrings of all time.

tinashe, earrings, thierry mugler, black runner, celebs, celebrities
Tinashe (Image: ANP)

Kylie Jenner

The big star among the celebrities present on Thierry Mugler’s black carpet: Couturissime was really Kylie Jenner. Everyone has an opinion about her, but you can’t judge this sci-fi headpiece negatively.

Thierry Mugler Couturissime, black carpet, kylie jenner, celebs
Kylie Jenner (Image: ANP)

Shannon and Shannade Clermont

Rejecting yourself very strongly against something often has the opposite effect. Why don’t you just accept the ugly trend of fillers and botox? Why would you want to make a point out of it? Joy of freedom, right? As long as you tell your daughters later to leave it. That certainly doesn’t make model twins Shannon and Shannade Clermont’s black carpet suits any less exciting. Of course from the fashion house Mugler.

Shannon and Shannade Clermont
Shannon and Shannade Clermont (Image: ANP)
Shannon and Shannade Clermont, thierry, muggle
Shannon and Shannade Clermont (Image: ANP)

Susan Bartsch

Our personal favorite of the evening is Susanne Bartsch, the acclaimed Swiss event producer. Her monthly parties at the Copacabana club in the late 1980s made her an icon of New York nightlife. We want this lady on our arm when we go to a wild festival.

Susan Bartsch
Susan Bartsch (Image: ANP)

Julia Fox

Actress Julia Fox, one of Kanye West’s many exes after Kim Kardashian, was also in attendance and was actually a bit out of place. Also original again.

Julia Fox
Julia Fox (Image: ANP)

Laverne Cox

Actress Laverne Cox, best known as Sophia Burset in Orange is the new blackwalked away as the most stylish guest on the black carpet at the Thierry Mugler: Couturissime show in Brooklyn.

laverne cox
Laverne Cox (Image: ANP)

Even more guests

We are now curious as to what the dress code was.

Thierry Mugler Couturissime, black runner
Unknown or unrecognizable guests (Image: ANP)

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