Jeroen and Heleen Kiewiet provide free food for people from the Westerveld | food bank Diary

The inhabitants of the region give an insight into their daily life in the form of a diary. What do they do, what keeps them busy. This week Jeroen Kiewiet from De Tippe in Vledder.

Saturday 10 December

The alarm goes to the children’s football. Where we can, we always go along to watch and encourage. After the game, it’s definitely time to get to work.

Today there is a Christmas market in Vledder. Nice to know, the Christmas market in Vledder was the very first Christmas market. Fun in the streets, hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream or a delicious mulled wine makes it complete. We are very busy in the kitchen.

In the evening, we can support the year-end party in Wapserveen, a party that continues into the wee hours.

Sunday, December 11

We get up a little later after a 16-hour working day, but spend the remaining time eating breakfast with the children. What most families in the Netherlands eat in the evening with dinner together is what we do in the morning. We do everything to be able to do it every day together with the four of us.

In the afternoon we go to our restaurant and start there with our team with a cup of coffee. See what the day brings us today.

When the last guests have left, we check the Christmas reservations and make a count. To ensure that everything comes spread out, but also that we do not give away more places than we have places.

Monday, December 12

A morning that starts with a joint breakfast with the children. When the children leave on their bikes at 8.15, we have already put on our sports clothes. Heleen does strength sports exercises in the children’s playroom with lovely music.

I have my running shoes on and our German Shepherd, who actually always walks with me, notices this. At least distances of up to 12/13 kilometers are covered. Moving on is bad for his condition. After returning home, I walk quietly with our 17-year-old Jack Russel. Take a shower, do your shopping and enjoy delicious fresh rolls. It’s Monday, but it’s our day off.

When the children come home, homework is done, guitar is practiced, we eat together and the children go to football on their bikes. Around 8.30 pm it is quiet in the yard, and time for a glass of wine and a piece of cheese. Relaxation mode is activated.

Tuesday 13 December

Same ritual, not very exciting, just structure that our kids do well. Breakfast, run, shower and to the office.

Today is a busy mail day. In the office and behind the computer is not our favorite activity, but we try to get rid of that before I am in contact with the food bank this morning about the number of registrations for Christmas Day. It continues steadily. People can still sign up until around December twentieth. So no rush for us.

The restaurant is closed today, but we have activities in our rooms. Give people there coffee/tea and some other drinks. At the end of the afternoon, we lock the door and eat together at home. Something that is nice and possible during the winter period, but no longer from April.

Wednesday 13 December

After the fixed ritual, there is now a lot of work, the whole team is present from We are now in the midst of the Christmas rush. Not yet for Christmas itself, but all businesses, associations and clubs that close. The Women of Nu, the bridge club, each with their own form of closure. And as we say here; a tight schedule. Because all groups are equally important and good to have on the floor.

This week we also deliver to buffets for almost six hundred people in the region, which now extends beyond Zwolle and even towards Twente.

The days between Sinterklaas and Christmas are quiet in the restaurant. Logical, because with these energy prices and inflation, some cuts have to be made. But we pamper the guests we receive, because there is plenty of time for that. There is peace in the restaurant, not in your head, but it is precisely that variety that makes it such a wonderful profession, the most beautiful there is!

The Food Bank

Making something for the food bank on Christmas Day is a particularly pleasant end to the year. The week before Christmas and the days themselves we work incredibly hard, around 12-16 hours a day, but with the biggest smile, because the atmosphere is so beautiful on those days. When the alarm goes off on Christmas Day, it is one of the few mornings that the battery is empty, after 2 cups of strong coffee we are back and we are going full blast.

For a large part of people, it goes without saying that they can eat out at Christmas, but there is also a particularly (too) large group for whom this is not the case. How beautiful and grateful it is to be able to take care. And the reactions of these lovely people are indescribable.

On Christmas days we play for our guests and of course to earn something from it, but the Christmas dinner on Christmas day comes from our hearts and we give away with love. All the happy faces, the gratitude, a visit from the mayor and/or councilors to give these people a warm heart, makes that day special. And we will offer this every year for as long as we can keep doing it.

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