Travelers track suitcases with tracker: ‘Heard so many horror stories’

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  • Eliane Lamper

    editor online

  • Eliane Lamper

    editor online

Due to the chaos at Schiphol, travelers risk arriving at their destination without their checked bags. Some have therefore packed a GPS or Bluetooth transmitter so they can keep an eye on their lost luggage.

On arrival at Split airport in Croatia, it quickly became clear that the suitcases of Susan de Jong (20) from Winschoten and those of her six friends had been left at Schiphol. “The belt was rolling and there were only two suitcases on it. Through my AirTag I saw that my suitcase was still at Schiphol.”

A day and a half later, she still got her suitcase. “I could see the exact location. On Wednesday I saw it was still inside the airport, yesterday I saw it was next to a plane being loaded.” The tracker updated at least every hour, allowing her to follow the journey of her suitcase closely.

Wedding in Greece

The suitcases of Anjali Mohabir (28) from Delft and her partner were left at the airport in Munich, where they had a transfer on their way to Athens. “We were already afraid of that. We had heard so many horror stories about the chaos at Schiphol and other airports.”

With the tracker on her phone, she could keep an eye on when their bags arrived in Greece. “We couldn’t make it to the airline as we had to travel on to the island of Naxos. We’re also here for a wedding so we really needed the suitcases.”

A day later, she suddenly saw movement on her phone: the first suitcase was on its way to their hotel. The second suitcase was also delivered a day later.

  • Susan Young

    Susan’s suitcase has arrived in Split
  • Susan Young

    Susan’s and her friends’ suitcases were left at Schiphol
  • Anjali Mohabir

    Anjali (green location) sees that her suitcase is on its way to her hotel (black location)

Holidaymakers knew about the transmitters through the many videos circulating on social media. Susan and her friends came up with the idea through TikTok. “We saw people who had lost their suitcases but were still able to keep track of them through their tracker.”

Anjali heard from several people around her that they had used a tracker. “The wedding was also a reason why we insisted on having the brand.” She would recommend it to anyone traveling. “It gave us peace of mind to know exactly where our bags were.”

Not only on the way there, but also on the return flight, the suitcases don’t always come along. Maikel (30) from Oisterwijk flew back to Liège in Belgium after a week’s holiday in Ibiza. When he arrived at the airport, he saw on his phone that the tracker was 1347 kilometers away. His suitcase was left on the Spanish island.

“My friends thought I was crazy to put a tag in my suitcase,” says Maikel. “I wanted to know when my suitcase would be on the belt. It wasn’t with the thought that I would lose my suitcase.”

According to the airline, it could take up to six weeks for his suitcase to arrive. “But I saw that he was already in Liège the next day.” He had to wait another three days before his suitcase was actually on his doorstep. “A tracker like this is nice, but you can’t collect your luggage at the airport, so you still have to wait for the suitcase to be brought to you.”

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Maikel saw in Liège that his suitcase had been left at Ibiza Airport

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