City tour to Istanbul: 7x the best hotspots

Every city has its own charm and Istanbul is no different. Anyone who has ever visited this city knows that it is love at first sight. When you walk through the city streets, you imagine yourself in one In reality history history. You can spin around Istanbul for months without getting bored for a second. The city lets you feel and experience new things. Below you will find seven unique places tipped by Istanbul connoisseur Deniz Devran to visit during your Istanbul city tour.

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The 7 hotspots you must visit when you are in Istanbul

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Deniz: ‘Two brothers, one of whom is an interior designer and the other an independent entrepreneur, founded this interdisciplinary place. SANAYI313 is a place where different creative companies meet. All departments are connected, inspire and feed each other. All under the roof of SANAYI313. It is located in a former garage in the industrial district of Istanbul. To communicate with their community on a continuous basis, a SANAYI313 PAPER is published online.’

Deniz: ‘Pilevneli, located in the historic district of Dolapdere, opened its doors five years ago with Johan Creten’s solo exhibition ‘Between Day and Dream’. The gallery, founded by Muret Pilevneli, translates the new spirit of art in Istanbul with an international perspective. The building in which the 1,500 m2 gallery is located was designed by the architect Emre Arolat and is one of the first examples of culture- and art-oriented urban transformations in the region. In 2018, the building was placed on shortlist of the World Architecture Festival.’

Deniz: ‘This unique hotel is located in the Guney Palace building. It has recently been completely renovated and is located in one of the most famous streets in Istanbul. For example, it is located next to the historic high school Galatasaray, opposite the Cicek Pasaji passage and only a few minutes away from one of the most important cultural and artistic centers of the city.’

Deniz: ‘House of Ekria is a place where storytelling is encouraged, experiences are generated and connections are stimulated through art and design. A concept store where lifestyle is central, including a restaurant and an art and design studio. Every week they change the creative dishes on the menu and on Sundays they serve one breakfast all day.


Ciragan Palace Turkish Hammam

Deniz: ‘In the beautiful Carigan Palace Kempinski you experience a unique experience of natural and spectacular therapies, of which the Turkish bath is undoubtedly one of the most attractive. It is the ideal calming ritual from the East to give your body and mind rest. You imagine yourself among the unique scents and warmth of the Turkish hamam. The hot steam has a calming effect, warms your body and softens the skin in a way you are not used to.’

Deniz: ‘It is one of the largest art galleries in Istanbul, consists of six floors and has a unique space ‘Karbon’, which is equipped with the most advanced technological developments. Arter’s mission is to increase the visibility of art and artist production. You can shop in the library and enjoy a cup of afternoon tea in the bistro.’

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