Mira van der Lubbe, Christmas Circus by Cirkus Saurus, Dansens Rhythm, Jan Beuving and the winter evening by candlelight and oil light: five excursions in Groningen and Drenthe

Come and see the performance of Mira van der Lubbe, visit the Circus Saurus Christmas circus, travel to Ireland with Rhythm of the Dance, come laugh with Jan Beuving or visit a winter evening with candles and oil lights in Warffum.

Childhood friendships and how they sometimes end

After the successful theater solo Make your shit a hit coming actor, theater maker and writer Mira van der Lubbe with his second musical performance. Her new show also has a distinctly personal approach. Now that she is the mother of a young child of almost two, her thoughts often go back to her own childhood and the close bond she had with the boy next door. Mira was close friends with the boy for more than ten years, but when puberty came, cracks appeared in the friendship.

After a rude remark, Mira wanted nothing more to do with him. After that, she heard only dubious stories about him. But was all that really true? Twenty years later, Mira wonders why she didn’t go for it then. Still Still Still is the musical story of how a friendship started and broke up again.

Assen – Theater DNK, Thu 8.30 p.m., 21 euros

Celebrate Christmas with real Irish dancing

The authentic Irish dance performance has been running for more than ten years Rhythm of the Dance – Christmas Special year after year at Christmas time in Dutch theatres. They can be seen in Stadskanaal on Wednesday. The dance performance is as it should be according to the Irish; a traditional show full of exciting dance and live music.

IN The rhythm of the dance top young Irish artists present a combination of modern and traditional Irish dance in a spectacular way. The dancers, some of them from the famous Riverdance shows, are complemented by live musicians and vocalists.

Stadskanaal – Theater Geert Teis, Wednesday at 20, 29.50 euros

Christmas circus by Cirkus Saurus settles in Assen | Advertising

Do you meet a lifelike T-Rex dinosaur in the circus? Then come to Circus Saurus from Saturday 24 December to Sunday 8 January then the circus settles down in Assen with a real Christmas circus. The heated circus tent is located in the car park at De Bonte Wever.

In addition to a lifelike T-Rex dinosaur, the show of more than an hour and a half also contains all the classic circus elements, including; lightning fast jugglers, agile acrobats, deadly knife throwers, spectacular fire eaters, crazy clowns and of course the one and only Santa Claus. There are also performances of the animals. For example, horses, ponies, mini cows and llamas are examined. Exact times and prices can be found on the circus’ Facebook page www.facebook.com/CircusSaurusNL.

Assen – Parking lot a/d Stadsbroek/Kortbossen, 24 Dec to 8 Jan

Jan Beuving about all that is left

‘There is nothing left’, said the ancient Greeks, but you should not believe the ancient Greeks, says Jan Beuving. Unless, of course, they are called Pythagoras or Euclid. Everything remains. The rest in long division remains. Hair in the shower drain. The stories from your childhood. And mathematics, of course: it is the most eternal of all.

Beuving also continues to write songs and Tom Dicke stays on the wing. Beuving won two Annie MG Schmidt awards, a Willem Wilmink award, a Neerlands Hoop and his previous solo program, Rotation , was nominated for a Poelifinario. The new show the rest can be seen in Meppel on Thursday.

Meppel – Schouwburg Ogterop, Thu 20.15, 20.25 euros

Experience an old-fashioned winter evening with candles and oil candles

The reason for The open-air museum Het Hoogeland in Warffum turns into an enchanting spectacle on Thursday evening. The modern lighting goes out and makes way for oil lamps, burning candles, hot kerosene stoves, crackling wood stoves, gas lighting and old street lamps.

Step inside the houses and taste the atmosphere of the past. Step inside the houses and taste the atmosphere of the past. In the cozy atmosphere, you can also enjoy Christmas carols by the a cappella ensemble Van Hijck and performances by the vocal ensemble Curiosa. The museum restaurant Het Spijslokaal offers winter food and biscuits and cakes.

Warffum – Het Hoogeland Open Air Museum, Thurs at 17-21, 8 euros (children aged 6 to 17 3.50 euros)

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