Municipal secretary/adm. Manager

Municipal secretary/managing director • Renkum municipality

Who are you?
Do you connect and speak a clear language? Do you want to be the college’s first advisor and strategic sparring partner? Do you want to shape the future of our organization together with MT and the employees? So answer now. And let us know how you can make a difference to our municipality.

Who are we?
The municipality of Renkum is surprisingly versatile. One municipality, 6 villages, more than 31,000 inhabitants.

Our residents are proud of their village and their living environment. We protect culture and the high quality of nature. We also think it is important to keep our special history alive, with the Second World War taking a prominent position with annual commemorations by Operation Market Garden and the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek. Maintaining and strengthening the municipality’s qualities requires permanent attention. We like to do this in close consultation and cooperation with our residents and business partners.

Partly with a view to maintaining our facility level and the quality of the services we provide to our residents, an exploration of our municipality’s future is currently being carried out. The discussion of the various administrative scenarios will take place in mid-2023.

In addition, Renkum municipality works to strengthen the administrative culture.

What is your task?
In addition to the regular tasks of the municipal official/day-to-day manager, we ask for your special attention and commitment to the following topics:

College and council
You focus on the quality and integrity of official advice. You advise invited and uninvited. You hold up a mirror to the board members, both collectively and individually. You monitor the implementation of decisions. You form the triangle with the mayor and the clerk. Common interest, reciprocity and role stability are central to this. You see the council as an important collaboration partner.

The ‘tandem’ with the mayor
As secretary, you form the ‘tandem’ together with the mayor. In this tandem, you not only exchange business information, but you also give each other feedback on personal effectiveness. Mutual trust is essential. You contribute to that, so that everything can be said and discussed.

Administrative-official interaction
You are the binding factor in this interaction, where your role as first advisor to the board and ultimately responsible for the official organization comes together. You ensure a balance between administrative ambition and administrative capacity. You see the bigger picture and the context. With regard to the (major) projects and board-sensitive topics, you are sufficiently informed in terms of content to fulfill your role as first advisor to the board and to act as a sparring partner for board members and colleagues.

Organization and further development
As day-to-day manager, you are visible, recognizable and accessible to all employees. You are curious and your interest is genuine. Together with MT and the employees, you are committed to further developing and future-proofing the organisation. Transparency, clarity, consistency and integrated (together) work are key concepts. MT has only been together as a team for a short time. As chairman of MT, you play a binding role, and you contribute to strengthening strategic management. As WOR director, you contribute with an open attitude to constructive consultation with the Cooperation Council, where equality and respect for everyone’s position and responsibility is central. You stimulate personal development, ownership and responsibility among MT and employees. As an employer, you are explicitly aware of the organisation’s attractiveness for both future and current employees.

Renkum municipality
You get a feel for the scale, the culture and the multi-core character of the municipality, where each village cherishes its own identity. You have a sense of social dilemmas and conflicts of interest and balance these rationally. You invest in a network and in connections that can be useful. Based on your vision of participation, you stimulate the employees’ external orientation. You participate in representative tasks for the college.

Cooperation in the region
Renkum municipality works closely with regional partners. The starting point is that we organize nearby and on a local scale, what is of direct interest to the residents and what we ourselves are good at. Things that are better organized on a larger scale, we do together with partners in the region. Outsourcing operations management tasks is an example of this. As municipal secretary, you stimulate cooperation, you look after our interests and you contribute to our municipality’s positioning in the region.

Do you recognize yourself in the following qualifications?

  • you are a visible and approachable leader who speaks clearly
  • you connect to management, organization and environment
  • you are strategic and analytically strong
  • you are politically-administratively sensitive
  • you have a vision for organizational development and you achieve your goals in consultation and with support
  • you have perspective and humor.

What are we asking?

  • WO working and thinking level.
  • You have relevant experience at board or management level, preferably gained in a municipal organisation.

What do we offer?
The position is rated at salary scale 15. You get an Individual Choice Budget of 17.05%, which you can use to, for example, buy extra leave. After one year, we offer you a permanent contract if you perform satisfactorily.

Inclusion and diversity are important concepts for us. We don’t care where you were born, who you love or what you believe. We are particularly interested in your unique combination of talent, knowledge and experience that you believe you can strengthen us with.

What do we think?
The employees in Renkum municipality were asked what they consider important. The survey sent out for this purpose was answered by 122 employees. You can read the results here.

Do you want more information?
Renkum municipality is supported in this procedure by Gert-Jan Jongkind, director of Bestman · Bestuur & Management. If you have any questions after reading the job description, please contact him via number 06-50244791 or via e-mail address

How do you express your interest?
You can express your interest in the position by submitting your motivation letter and CV.

In connection with the rules regarding privacy/AVG, you can only respond via the website By clicking on ‘Apply’ in the job description, you will be taken to the website where you can upload your letter and CV and indicate that you agree to our privacy policy. You will then automatically receive a confirmation of receipt.

You can respond no later than Friday, January 13, 2023.
Further planning regarding the interview dates, the assessment, the terms of the employment interview, etc. will follow as soon as possible.

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