Now also confirmed: Zelensky is visiting Washington DC

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky himself confirmed his visit to the United States. The head of state is currently on his way to Washington DC.

Why is this important?

It is the first time since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 that President Volodymyr Zelensky has left the country. He did not respond to Western demands to be evacuated, as his place is with the Ukrainian people who are literally fighting for their freedom. Visits to other countries were also made by the president hold put. Until now it turns out.

In the news: Yesterday Zelensky was still at the front, today he is speaking to the US Congress.

  • Zelensky’s trip was reported yesterday by various US media, based on contacts within Congress. However, the timing was tight: On Tuesday, Zelensky was among his men in Bakhmoet, the town on the front that has been under siege by the Russians for several months. For security reasons, little was known about the trip.
  • At least until now, because Zelensky himself sent out a tweet to announce that he is on his way to the United States. “On my way to the US to strengthen Ukraine’s resistance and defense capabilities. US President Joe Biden and I will talk about cooperation between Ukraine and the US. I will also speak to Congress and hold some bilateral meetings.

For the real fans: Zelensky’s plane can be tracked.

  • A little after 8:00 a.m., a US government aircraft known as SAM910 (Special air mission), from Rzeszow Airport in Poland, which serves as a logistical hub for support to Ukraine. The SAM910 is a Boeing C-40B Clipper used by the US Army to transport senior executives.
  • The chances are very high that the plane is now flying Zelensky to Washington DC. If you look at the recent flight history of SAM910, you can see that on Monday the plane took off from Andrews Air Force Base, just outside the US capital, for Europe. After a stopover at the US Air Base Ramstein in Germany, it arrived in Rzeszow around Flightradar24, a website where planes can be tracked, has learned that SAM910 is the most followed flight at the time of writing.
Boeing C-40B Clipper Zelensky is believed to be flying to the US (Flighradar24, screenshot: 8:36)

The details: Zelensky’s speech to Congress promises to be special.

  • As expected, Zelensky will meet his American colleague Biden. It would be the first time the two heads of state have spoken face to face since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.
  • At least as important, however, is his speech to Congress. On Tuesday evening, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a message urging all members of parliament to physically visit the Capitol for a “very special session focused on democracy.” She undoubtedly hinted at Zelensky’s presence.
  • The speech is also crucial for him: in the coming days, US policymakers will vote on a new aid package for Ukraine worth $45 billion. Among other things, the delivery of the long-awaited Patriot missile defense systems must be knocked off.


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