Fanny Kunneman and Wendy Béquet about working at Möbius

Möbius strengthened its team last summer with two new public administration professionals: Fanny Kunneman and Wendy Béquet. They talk about their choice for the agency, their work, the culture and how they have experienced the past months.

With the arrival of the two acquisitions, Möbius has brought in two motivated professionals, each with their own unique background and track record.

For example. Fanny Kunneman is originally trained as a political scientist and expert in public administration, and she has also completed a post-master’s degree in operational auditing. For the past nine years, she has been active as a civil servant, independent teacher, coach, researcher and consultant. In addition, she often worked for various ministries and implementing organizations in the public sector.

At Statsrevisionen, she specialized in research into culture and behaviour, management styles, management and decision-making. And as an explorer at Enpuls (in the utility company Enexis), she was involved in linking social development to strategic issues in the energy sector.

However, this is only a small selection of her interests and specializations. “Besides research, I have a soft spot for the process afterwards,” says Fanny, who describes herself as a “systemic advisor and coach who likes to work with unwritten rules”.

“I also love anything to do with innovation and implementing cool ideas,” she says. “For example, I trained officials at Ynnovate for a number of years to stimulate innovation in their own government organizations.”

Energy, knowledge and creativity

Wendy Béquet is also completely at home in innovation. She transitioned from VR Expert, an augmented and virtual reality startup. “As country manager for France, I focused on opening up the French AR and VR market,” she explains. “I was responsible for developing market strategies, finding new partners and managing accounts.”

“This experience allowed me to master the latest AR and VR technologies and further develop my communication, problem-solving and analytical skills,” she says.

“In my search for a consulting firm, Möbius stood out because of their values, their energy and their open-hearted concern for employees.”

In addition to this experience, Wendy – who completed a Masters in International Business prior to her career – brings her “energy, knowledge and creativity” to Möbius, she says.

Collaboration on various projects

With her arrival at Möbius, she takes her first steps in the consulting sector. “I chose consulting because of the opportunity to work in a team and experience different projects within sectors such as municipalities, retail and industry. Besides, I’m always looking for a reason to celebrate, and the end of projects is the perfect time for that!” she says with a laugh.

She will certainly get that opportunity at the 20-strong consultancy from Utrecht. Möbius carries out daily projects in the public sector, industry, health and service environment, aimed at strategic moments for organizations.

Wendy explains why she was drawn to Möbius: “In my search for a consulting firm, Möbius stood out because of their values, their energy and their open-hearted concern for employees.”

Nice in my place

Fanny nods in agreement: “I had been looking for a work context where I felt comfortable for a few years. Nice colleagues, with whom I can on the one hand work together and spar with at a high level, and on the other hand fun and varied work. In a role as a senior auditor in psychiatry and as an explorer in the energy sector, I unfortunately did not find it during corona.”

But then Möbius crossed her path: “I know holacratic work and thinking from a more personal context. When I saw the Möbius position on LinkedIn, it immediately piqued my interest.”

She called Möbius to find out more about the vacancy. “When I asked what exactly they were looking for, she said, ‘We’re especially curious about who you are.’ That was nice because I could write another application letter, one that came more from my heart.”

“I had been looking for a work context where I felt comfortable for a few years.”

And not without results, because in August Fanny could start at Möbius. It took some time to get used to working in a consulting organization, she admits: “Not everyone is in the picture or involved as often, which is different from what I’m used to from the (semi)public sector.”

Now she feels completely at home. “I have had plenty of time to look around, to get used to the holacratic way of working and to find my turn and roles in it.” Also, her colleagues were there for her from day one: “I have a super nice buddy who has answers to all my questions.”

The Möbius way of thinking

Like Fanny, Wendy looks back on a successful start. “I started with a two-week onboarding in Sint-Martens-Latem with other starters. This gave me the opportunity to get to know my Dutch and Belgian colleagues, delve into the Möbius mindset and gain a better understanding of the work of a consultant in the public and private sectors.”

Four months later, she is already fully committed to that work. She is currently active with a team at two public organizations. “The two projects – at Dommel water board and Culemborg municipality – have different end goals,” she says.

“I am involved in process management and data-driven work combined with change management. Therefore, there is great variety in my daily work. Together with the team, we brainstorm for the best solution for each organization and bring the project to completion as a group.”

She confirms that her expectations have been fully met. “After a few months as Möbian, I appreciate the authenticity, the interesting projects, the extensive growth opportunities, the trust between employee and employer and the fun, caring team. Furthermore, there is a large interface between my principles as a person and Möbius’ values.”

Fanny has also been able to focus on a challenging issue in the public sector in recent months. “I responded to an inquiry about advice from Meppel municipality. They are in the process of further developing the political functions. I then had a very pleasant conversation there, and I have just finished the first round of interviews with all politicians and other stakeholders.”

The project has now entered its second phase. “Together with my colleague, I will work on interactive workshops, where we will work with different profiles for the future political function. So it’s great that I can immediately design my own project according to my own insight, and that Möbius also gives me space for that.”

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