Warming tea on a cold Christmas


LIP HOUSES “My husband is the braggart and I mix.” At Tjalling Harkeswei in Grobelia’s Kruidenwinkeltje, Esther mixes healing tea with herbs and spices. “More and more people want the energy from nature back. And I can give them that.”

Each year, Esther Hendrikse makes a special tea for the Christmas period. She uses a rooibos or black tea as a base, but she adds herbs that give you a ‘warm feeling’. Such as ginger, cardamom, cloves or cinnamon. “Lovely for the Christmas tree. A special tea is the fragrant chai, which you can make with milk. A warming tea on a cold Christmas.”

She also prepares special varieties, such as witch tea and chocolate tea. “The witch tea was mixed by a witch. It is a black tea with lavender, lime blossom and rose petals. Every witch has her own composition.” She adds cocoa nibs to the chocolate tea. “It’s a tea that makes you happy.”

Esther is a trained orthomolecular therapist, an accredited higher education course for naturopathy, recognized by the health insurance companies. So she knows what she’s doing and the herbs and spices she uses help. The herbs come directly from nature or are cultivated. She uses leaves, stems and buds and often also the roots.

Herbs consist of natural components that are similar to the substances in our body. Spices are usually spices, mainly from areas with tropical climates. Think cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cloves. Herbs and spices can be used as a seasoning for food, but also in drinks such as tea. In addition, the herbs are used for their healing effect against all kinds of ailments. This can be done in tea, but also in tincture, an ointment or cough syrup.

Tailored as needed

Esther specializes in healing herbs. She has researched what food people need to live a healthy life. Herbs mainly have an effect on our hormones. “It seems as if people have lost their connection with nature,” says Esther. “You can buy all our food ready-made in the supermarket. It is filled with additives for flavor and is preserved with a lot of salt. The vitality of fresh, organically prepared food has been lost.”

Clients come to Esther with specific complaints such as insomnia, lethargy, urination problems, bowel movements or skin rashes. Esther will then start a conversation to gain as much insight as possible into the underlying cause. Are they taking medication? How is the lifestyle? What is their diet? If she has a good idea, she creates a herbal mixture that is specially adapted to the customer’s needs.

“It’s my magic,” she says. “These herbs then only work for you. This special attention to the people is important. That alone makes it more beautiful.” Esther emphasizes that herbs are not medicine. They do not directly help against a symptom of a disease, but work more broadly to keep your organism healthy.

“Compare it to a car that has a specific malfunction. A medicine mitigates the malfunction, the herbs are more the maintenance services, a separate herb for each part. It helps prevent malfunctions. Healthy diet prevents diseases. But sometimes it seems that people no longer have the energy to spend time on it.”

motorcycle riding

Her husband works in construction, Esther worked as a tax adviser. Besides the herbs, they like to ride motorcycles. When they went on holiday with the three children on two sidecars, a motorcycle magazine made a report about it. They are often at markets, for example in Drachten, where she has many customers.

The youngest daughter wanted to use the sink at home as a drinking hut, but that didn’t happen. Her husband built a fine spice shop in it, which is mainly open in the summer. She runs the company together with her husband. “My husband is a braggart and I mix,” she laughs. “He makes the hardware, I make the software.”

Esther has always had an affinity with nature. Before her higher vocational education, she had already completed the herbal education. She buys her herbs from an organic herb and tea shop. Her herbs contain no salt, no artificial additives and are provably organically grown.

The store could use a little extra business, but the market in Drachten and the webshop are doing well. She would like to open a shop in Drachten in the near future. “There is definitely a market for it. More and more people want the energy from nature back. And I can give them that.”


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