iTrends: 20 data security measures

China has regulated the data storage industry. Tencent launches online platform for low-carbon technology. China Mobile bets on quantum computing. China ranks 5th worldwidethat space in terms of robot density. Also the company news and chips sections.

*China has issued 20 measures for the data storage sector to ensure security. The country wants to build data systems in four aspects, including data property rights, circulation and transactions, revenue sharing and security management. A mechanism for data security compliance and orderly cross-border circulation should be established, supporting international data exchange and collaboration and encouraging the exploration of a secure and standardized cross-border data flow. National security assessments of data processing, cross-border data transfers and foreign mergers and acquisitions that affect or may affect national security must be carried out. Technode

*EV manufacturer NINE has known to have been affected by a data breach, from which data was sold on the Internet. NIO has already set up a special helpline. NIO received an email from hackers for 2.25 million bitcoin in exchange for not spreading the information. Previously was Toyota affected by a data breach of 300,000 users and the German manufacturer of auto parts continental due to theft of 40 GB of data.

Tencent Low Carbon Technology Platform

Of TanLive have Tencent established an online low-carbon technology platform that hopes to connect entrepreneurs, investors and researchers. tanLIVE aims to help users leverage resources such as funds, pilot programs and competitions to drive innovation. It includes a resource pool for companies, investors and business incubators to publish information about their resources; a toolkit that collects policy insights, data and analysis tools and a ‘TanLIVE Passport’ – with access to all climate-focused sites in collaboration with TanLIVE. From 2008 to 2017, China’s share of global green technology patent applications rose from 20 percent to 80 percent, according to data from Bluetech Clean Air Alliance scmp

Telecom is looking at quantum computers

China Mobile that looks to quantum computers to overcome computing bottlenecks in 5G and 6G have met Origin Quantum signed a cooperation agreement. According to the agreement Origin Quantum provide quantum communication algorithms based on verifications provided by its superconducting quantum computer OriginQ Wuyuan. According to Chairman Cui Chunfeng of China Mobile Research InstituteThe 5G era saw an exponential growth in the demand for computers for signal processing, network optimization, big data analysis, image processing and other tasks. Traditional computer algorithms are finding it increasingly difficult to meet this demand. According to Deputy Director Dou Menghan of Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center a quantum computer takes only 200 seconds to process calculations that would take the fastest supercomputer around 10,000 years to complete. ChinaDaily

China at 5that space in terms of robot density

China is the fastest growing industrial robot market with the highest number of annual installations, making it the world’s largest number of robots in operation since 2016. World Robotics 2022 Report of International Federation of Robotics. The number of industrial robots per labor force in China reaches 322 per 10,000, placing the country in fifth place after South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Germany. The US fell from seventh to ninth with 274 out of 10,000. That Chinese Institute of Electronics expects China’s robotics market to reach $17.4 billion this year, with an average annual growth rate of 22 percent over five years. ChinaDaily

Company news

*Thank you after weak business results last quarter Xiaomi again and it got a new management. Xiaomi it in 2024 Apple wanted to supplant first place, is now putting the knife into the workforce, says Jimian. The Internet department would get 40% less staff, other parts will be cut even more. Personnel costs would decrease by 15%. The dismissed employees receive severance pay according to length of service. Chairman Wang Xiang and two founders are leaving after Xiaomi India CEO Raghu Reddy also called it a day. scmp technode

*Meituan handed out 8 million yuan in subsidies in one week to attract 5,000 new delivery drivers. 20 million will be set aside for this in the coming month. Also competitor gives 3000 yuan extra allowances to orderers who do this 2 weeks in a row. Technode

* At a staff meeting Tencent CEO Pony Ma emphasized cost savings and called short video the new priority. Tencent plans to integrate e-commerce features into these short videos. It is expected that new games will only be approved in dribs and drabs in the future. Ma also criticized internal corruption that led to the sacking of 70 staff last year. Technode

Chips, chips

*US DRAM chip maker micron laying off 10% of the workforce and reducing capital expenditure. These had already fallen from $12 billion to $8 billion, but it will ultimately be between 7 and 7.5 billion. This implies that EUV lithography will only be used later than planned, which means competition from Samsung and SK Hynix already do. The workforce is reduced by 10%. Tom’s hardware

*According to counterpoint sit Huawei through its stock of chips that the company had previously built up. Due to American restrictions, it is no longer possible to get chips from TSMC and from Samsung. The Mate 50 series from Huawei has Qualcomm chipset. Technode

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