7 questions about our Ukraine fundraiser answered

On Thursday, nine containers are ready in Leeuwarden, Groningen and Emmen to collect goods for Ukraine. Below we provide important information about this campaign.

What is most needed?

The main demand is for food, such as various types of pasta and non-perishable products, such as vegetables, canned meat and fish, wheat flour, rice, oil and sugar. But also products such as coffee and tea. There is a shortage of hygiene products such as sanitary napkins, nappies, incontinence pads and baby wipes in the newly liberated areas. Good warm winter clothes (e.g. ski clothes) and sturdy sleeping bags are also welcome.

How can I best deliver goods?

Well packed in boxes or bags! For example, put clothes in garbage bags or boxes as compressed as possible. ‘Vulnerable products’ such as packets of flour or flour in boxes. Try to offer the goods as compactly as possible. It is nice if the boxes and/or bags say what is inside.

In order to get the goods into Ukraine, a waybill is required. When goods are delivered, we immediately note what is in the boxes or bags. This may take some time when collecting on site, but prevents the container from having to be unloaded and reloaded before departure.

The experience of other organizations with fundraising shows that enthusiasm to contribute sometimes leads to the delivery of goods that are not usable. For this campaign: quality over quantity applies. Transporting a container to Ukraine costs around 1000 euros in fuel. It is therefore important to use the container’s capacity as best as possible and only bring what is necessary on site.

How many goods can you bring to Ukraine?

We have a total of nine 7×2.5×2.5 containers at our disposal. This corresponds to 4.5 trucks with trailers.

Are nine containers enough for this fundraiser?

To be honest, we don’t know. We hope so. This fundraiser arose spontaneously a few weeks ago from the need to ‘do something’ for people in Ukraine. From the original idea of ​​carrying a single container Leeuwarden Courant to be placed around the holidays, the idea has grown in three weeks to a collection in three locations in the Nordics. In addition, a donation website has been set up. And cooperation has been sought with, among others, the OpenDoorUkraine.NL foundation of the Dutch former ambassador to Ukraine, Robert Serry. On Thursday itself, around twenty volunteers will be active to ensure that the collection runs smoothly.

Is there information available on Thursday the 29th about the progress of the action?

Yes, on the websites lc.nl and dvhn.nl is a live blog about the collection. In that blog, we tell how busy it is at the locations and how the collection is progressing. If the containers threaten to fill faster, this will be reported in the live blog. So check the website before you come to the collection points LC.nl or DvhN.nl

If the enthusiasm exceeds our capacity, we want to repeat the collection campaign as soon as the containers are returned empty from Ukraine.

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept goods on Thursday if the containers are full.

Who performs the action?

The idea for the plot comes from the publisher Mediahuis Noord. The implementation (from the collection of goods to the actual transport to Ukraine) is carried out by more than twenty volunteers.

Where do the goods end up?

The goods are brought to collection points and organizations in Ukraine. From there they go to the places where help is most needed. That LC and DvhN go together with one of the freight transports.

Collection points

The volunteers will be ready at the containers in Leeuwarden, Groningen and Emmen from ten o’clock.

Leeuwarden: Leeuwarder Courant car park, Sixmastraat 15

Groningen: parking DvhN, Lübeckweg 2

Emmen: East car park, Van Schaijkweg 59

Follow the fundraising campaign live via lc.nl and dvhn.nl

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