Cleaning and dusting plants, all this can also be done with baby wipes

Baby wipes are not only useful for parents-to-be, they can also be useful for those who are short of diapers. They are very widely applicable. From dusting houseplants to first aid for stains. It is therefore not a bad idea to always have them with you.

Baby wipes in the car

It probably happens regularly that you are on the road by car and want to wash your hands. It could be because you have eaten something when you sneeze, when you change a tire or when you go under the bonnet. A tap is not always nearby, but with a pack of baby wipes in the car, you can easily solve that from now on. They are also useful in case of a dirty dashboard, steering wheel or gear lever.

Public toilet

There are more effective ways to clean the toilet at home, but if you use a public toilet on the road, they are useful for freshening up the seat before you sit on it.

Clean shoes with baby wipes

(Light) shoes are susceptible to stains. By removing any stains immediately, you are more likely to remove them completely. If you are on the go, you can initially use a baby wipe for this. This is possible for both fabric and leather footwear. If you can’t get rid of the stain completely, you can always work on it at a later time. In a previous article, we told you how to get stains out of white shoes.

Stains on clothes

Even with a stain on clothing, it is best to act as soon as possible. Depending on the type of stain, you can also use a baby wipe for this. If possible, first dab most of the dirt with a dry tissue and then treat the stain with the baby wipe. For example, a baby wipe is not always enough for chocolate stains, in a previous article we give more tips for this.

Pollination of plants

Most baby wipes (also known as face wipes or baby wipes) are fragrance-free and contain as few ingredients as possible that irritate sensitive skin. For this reason, the napkins are also particularly suitable for making the leaves of houseplants dust-free. In a previous article we gave examples of plants that should and should not be dust-free.

Clean mobile phone

An object such as a mobile phone is used intensively and therefore quickly becomes dirty. By wiping a mobile phone daily with a baby wipe, it stays fresh and leaves no annoying streaks. As is sometimes the case with other wipes.

Wipe the computer with baby wipes

In addition to mobile phones, baby wipes can also be used to clean computer screens and keyboards. Not only useful for the home, but certainly also in the workplace. While you’re at it, you can also use it to wipe down your desk.

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Removing ink from leather

If you’re quick, you can use a baby wipe to remove ink from leather furniture or a handbag. Just make sure you don’t press too hard and don’t make the leather too damp.

Fingerprints on windows

If there are fingerprints on your windows, but you don’t want to have to clean them completely right away, you can also remove the fingerprints with a baby wipe. Dry with a piece of kitchen paper for a streak-free result.

Remove odors

If a wardrobe or storage cupboard smells less fresh than you would like, you can put that smell in the background with a scent that you like. To do this, fold a baby wipe and drip a scented oil or some perfume on it and place the cloth in the cupboard.

Remove hair color

People who dye their hair themselves sometimes get a little paint on their face. By brushing it off immediately with the tip of a baby wipe, no stains remain on the skin.

Update the remote control

For example, it is difficult to reach everything between the buttons on a remote control with a dishcloth, but with a baby wipe it is much easier.

Get rid of pet hair with baby wipes

Especially when pets shed, a lot of hair swirls around the house. By going over the surfaces of your furniture with a baby wipe, you can remove a whole lot of it in one go. This also works on your clothes.

Biodegradable and oil-free

The downside of baby wipes is that many copies contain plastic, which is harmful to the environment. Those who use a lot of it are therefore best to choose a variant that is biodegradable. Today there are many choices. It’s also good to make sure the wipes are water-based when removing a stain or cleaning plant leaves. Napkins with oil are less suitable for this.

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