Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: Roald Dahl Festival, Winter Circus, children’s show ‘Nietes’, Advantageous winter walk and Christmas holiday activities at De Drentse Koe

Let yourself be transported into the world of Roald Dahl, marvel at the tricks of the Wintercircus Gipsy Festival, see how everything remains the same in ‘Nietes, take part in the heritage walk in Veenhuizen and experience the many Christmas holiday activities at De Drentse Koe.

Let yourself be taken into the world of Roald Dahl

Between Christmas and New Year, Forum Groningen pays tribute to Roald Dahl: the great storyteller with his imagination, creativity and humor. That The Roald Dahl Festival is a party for young and old , because who doesn’t know this master storyteller? At the festival you can see films such as BFG , The witches (2020 version), Terrible rhymes , Fantastic Mister Fox and Esio trot.

In addition to children’s films, there is a jam-packed program of workshops and performances: Circus Santelli, Mega-Fun Cooking Show, juggling with Nico with his clicko and De Grote Reptile Fact & Fable Quiz with Sterrin Smalbrugge. There is a candy workshop, you can get your gruesome face painted or venture out into Santelli’s trapeze. You can find the full program at forum.nl/roald-dahl-festival

Groningen – Forum Groningen, Wednesday (today) to Friday at 10.00-18.00, from 2.50 to 7 euros

Winter circus in a vintage atmosphere

On Bleekerseiland in Meppel winter circus Gipsy Festival landed . In a theatrical performance of more than an hour (without animals), various international artists show their skills in the heated romantic vintage circus tent. Led by gypsy queen Aunt Juanita, they take you along the many facets of their gypsy life. Aerial acrobatics, magic, comedy, tightrope walking, fire eating, knife throwing… these are just a small selection of the many wonderful acts you will see. Humor, suspense and romance are alternated at a comfortable pace.

An hour before the start of each performance, there is already plenty to do and see on the forecourt. Between the atmospheric lights, caravans and stalls, you can enjoy hot chocolate, poffertjes and other delicacies, and the members of this special gypsy family will treat you to a small impression of their actions later in the performance.

Meppel – Bleekerseiland, Wed (today) to Fri 12.30 and 15.30, 15 euros (box 20 euros)

Pleasant walk in Veenhuizen | Advertising

Still no plans for the first chilly days of January? So visit the colony in Veenhuizen on Wednesday 4 or Saturday 7 January the beneficial winter walk . You start at 12.00 at Hotel-Restaurant Bitter en Zoet with lunch, after which you go to the prison museum led by cultural heritage guide Peter Bos.

Much of what you get to see there is reflected in Bos’ anecdotes during the hour and a half heritage walk. Afterwards, you can warm up in Bitter en Zoet’s lounge with hot chocolate and something sweet. Reservations can be made via info@bitterenzoet.nl or 0592-385002.

Veenhuizen – Hotel-Restaurant Bitter en Zoet, Wednesday 4 and Saturday 7 January at 12-17, 39 euros

Fine, everything stays the same forever

In the children’s theater performance NOTES from Bronks & Theater Artemis, theater makers Kim Karssen and Hendrik Kegels say a resounding ‘NO’ to everything that presents itself. Towards the audience the lights, applause and an unforgettable attendance. No thanks! They overturn the laws of the theater, push aside all possibilities and lock them away forever. NOTES is a parade of everything that is not allowed to participate and everything that can no longer participate ; dinosaurs are pushed back into their eggs, the Romans don’t even have an empire, and Elvis Presley is also taken off screen before he can swing his hips.

An apocalyptic iconoclasm about control, anger, letting go and not being able to handle change. A performance to which no one is invited, which hardly begins and never ends. Nothing can happen. Everything stays the same forever. Lived!

Groningen – Grand Theatre, Fri at 14.30, 13 euros (up to 12 years 9 euros)

Lots of entertainment during the Christmas holidays at De Drentse Koe

At Play and Ice Farm Drentse Koe in Ruinerwold has plenty to do this Christmas holiday . For example, the Winter Wonderland show until January 8 can be seen every day at 1pm and 3pm, where the park mascots Lisa and Loetje play a leading role. After the Christmas holidays, this interactive show can be seen and experienced every Saturday and Sunday until the end of March and every day during spring break. As an additional attraction, children can sled on a mega-sized toboggan hill during the Christmas holidays.

There is also extra entertainment inside. Various locomotives and wagons run in the playhouse in a cozy winter environment. True to tradition, Oliebollen bingo is held at the end of the year. On December 30, everyone who visits the playground can participate. From 14:00 to 15:00 several rounds are played, and there are great prizes to be won. And of course there are donuts to enjoy.

Ruinerwold, Play and Ice Farm De Drentse Koe, Mon to Sun 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (closed on December 25 and 26, December 31 and January 1)

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