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Some time ago, in the Picture of the Week section, something was said about applying for a mentorship with the Dutch photography association.

Fotoclub Dongen has often used it in the past. This time Mariet Wielders was associated with our club. Mariet Wielders teaches photography at, among others, the De Parasol training center in Veldhoven. In 2011, she obtained teacher and mentor/coach certificates at Fotovakskolen and as such came to us as a mentor.

As a mentor/coach, she can play a role for:

  • Photo clubs are looking for fresh ideas and new impulses
  • Photography clubs that master the technique are an additional challenge
  • Photography clubs where a limited number of members want to work intensively together for a certain period under the guidance of a trainer
  • Photography clubs that want to improve the display, analysis and discussion of images
  • Guidance of the individual photographers in the development of their personal oeuvre (elaboration)

But enough about the mentor Mariet and we return to our own members. No less than 8 club members had signed up for the mentorship. Today we let Corry van der Rijken talk about his participation.

“The first question that comes to mind is: What do you want to achieve with this? What is your goal with this tutorial? That in itself is difficult to fill in, but my source of inspiration was a piece of art in a forest. The artist had put 3 photos on transparent plates and if you looked through them, you got a complete picture. It should be, I thought, but unfortunately it turned out not to be possible for me (yet). So let’s look for another topic from my own archive. The topic was “People concerned with their own environment”. In other words: People fade into the background. Now, this art movement is certainly not new, because Keith Haring, an American artist, was involved in this. The art that Keith Haring created is sometimes referred to as pop art, but the terms graffiti art and modern art are also used.

So I looked for images that fulfilled my task. For example, I took pictures of children with a yellow T-shirt in a rapeseed field, a woman in the same clothes as mannequins, a drainage pipe falling against a wall, deer in the undergrowth, a jellyfish on the beach, etc. I had no limits for myself , so photos in all possible settings were welcome.

Then came the time to present the photos taken. The images had to “disappear” in their surroundings. I saw an opportunity to present the images on the shiny exterior of the museum Depot Boijmans van Beuningen, but the incident and the reflected light did not live up to my expectations. Not even a colored tile tableau from some museum. No, I had to look for another interpretation. When that didn’t work, I set about making relevant backgrounds for my photos myself. I put my photos on a painting and put a glass over it, leaving a round photo. I edited the rest with acrylic paint in such a way that the image “blended” into the background. I myself was surprised and surprised by the final result. I thought my task was successful. Later I incorporated the images into an artwork from the Voorlinden Museum: a lot of pots, pans, dishes, etc.

It’s been a wonderful story and it’s certainly helped her further in the way Corry does her hobby. Even though a trainer was present, she still put her own spin on it. Mariet has undoubtedly supported her, although it is always difficult for her to meet the students’ wishes. A successful experiment Corrie and a well deserved round of applause for your presentation.

Next time we will feature another club member’s mentorship. Are you inspired by this story and would you like to come and see our regular club night in Geubel? Please contact Henk van Roode ([email protected]) Also take a look at our beautiful website: www.fotoclubdongen.nl

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