The 22nd of 2022: number 13 to 4

Gaming PCs as handhelds, Halloween music and a fox with a sword

The past year has brought us a lot of beauty in gaming, gear and culture. On the 22nd 2022, the editors will jointly look back at various publications. What has stayed with us the most and why?

Earlier we already published the numbers 22 to 14, now we continue our way towards the top three. So keep an eye on the page to see which releases appealed to us the most in 2022. For now, we’re steadily continuing our list, which includes all sorts of different releases!

13. 1899 – Little Brecht

An abandoned ship in the middle of the sea, mysterious figures with tormenting spirits from the past, ominous letters and supernatural events: the Netflix series 1899 has everything to keep you on the edge of your seat from the first second. 1899 follows a group of European migrants who travel to New York on the steamship Kerberos to start a new life. On the way, they receive a distress call from the Prometheus, another ship believed to have sunk. When Captain Eyk Larsen enters the ship with his companions, it appears to be abandoned. At least almost abandoned…

1899 is from the same creators as the German sci-fi series Dark. If you’ve seen it, you already know a little bit about what to expect from 1899: exciting characters who’ve all had a beating, complete mayhem, a million plot twists and, of course, German dialogue. And French. And English. And Danish and Swedish and all mixed up. For convenience, we’ll ignore the fact that no one on this ship understands each other, because it doesn’t do much for the story.

12. Halloween VII – Billy Cobb – Ugly

Every year, Billy Cobb comes up with a musical project for Halloween. Likewise this year. Halloween VII contains four songs, each with a Halloween or Fall theme. They all sound a little popular. Fall and Halloween really appeal to me, and because this album captures it so beautifully, it’s one of my favorites of the year.

You’ll definitely get fall vibes with this EP. My favorite song from the EP is October. Billy Cobb does not stay in one genre, but makes music in many genres. That versatility is exactly what I love about him.

11. Our flag means death – novel

youtube video

My favorite series this past year is Our Flag Means Death. It is a comedy series set in the golden age of piracy (1650 – 1730). The story is loosely based on the life of Stede Bonnett, who was also known as The Gentlemen Pirate. He was a wealthy landowner from Barbados who one day decided to leave his life and family to become a pirate.

Our Flag Means Death is a series that I highly recommend everyone to watch. In addition to having a lot of absurd and sometimes dry humor, the series also shows that there really is room for diversity and inclusion in the casting area. The series also tells stories about people who are seen as uncomfortable in society. Director Taika Waititi (Thor: Love and Thunder), who stars in the Blackbeard franchise, put it best in a post on Instagram. He wrote that this is a series made about minorities with minorities and people who don’t feel heard. It is a fun and touching series, of which a new season will be released in the coming year. Until then, you can watch season one now on HBO Max.

10. Batman – Steve

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The night is always darkest before the sun rises, but in Gotham it seems like an eternal night. Fortunately, there is a superhero protecting the Gothamites from the gangsters, pickpockets and supervillains. In 2022, there was a new adaptation of Batman, clearly titled The Batman, and after the Batman-for-a-short-time failure of Ben Affleck, it was ex-glitter vampire Robert Pattinson’s turn. It’s still not quite fair to call him that, as he’s proven himself once again in The Lighthouse and Tenet.

Batman is a good movie. The title role, his support team and the opposing team (Colin Farrell as Oswald was the biggest surprise) all show their best (or worst) side. It’s a long film, as Roman said in his review, but the atmosphere of the film makes up for it. Batman here, as usual, shows his detective qualities; because he can use more than just cool gadgets and move like a ninja at night. Luckily he’s still a ninja because this is the darkest Gotham we’ve ever seen.

9. Tunic-Kevin

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A little fox, a big world and everything that seems to want to kill you. Tunika might be one of the cutest games of the year, but don’t let that mask distract you from the monster lurking behind. The game is vicious and tries to hit you on all sorts of fronts, but it’s precisely when you manage to break through that Tunic is phenomenal.

Everything is thought of in Tunic: the completely unique language with accompanying hieroglyphs that has been devised, the fact that the manual is handed to you in the game (but page by page with subtle hints and references), or the fact that even the game’s music hints at the great mystery behind the Tunic. If you haven’t had a chance to play Tunic yet, take a day off and get started.

8. RRR – Dirk Sung

youtube video

RRR is an epic action drama from Tollywood, the Indian film industry centered in the city of Hyderabad. The film tells the story of two best friends in Delhi in 1920. A rebellion against the British occupiers is brewing, where Ram (Ram Charan) and Bheem (NT Rama Rao Jr) meet each other. A romantic, comical, but above all exciting series of events follows – including a dance competition.

This film by director SS Rajamouli has the energy of a hypernova. The punches, bullets, motorcycles and tigers fly around you. Mix the epic story of Gladiator of Braveheart with the lavish action of The Raid of Mission Impossible and you’re approaching the adrenaline cocktail called RRR. It is not for nothing that the film has been nominated for two Golden Globes and could also be a dangerous outsider at the Oscars 2023. Watch it on Netflix!

7. Horizon Forbidden West – Maxime

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The Horizon franchise is rightly seen as the figurehead of the Dutch gaming industry. During the Dutch Game Awards, we probably saw beautiful things from our own soil, but how often is a game of such size made in our little seedland? Horizon Forbidden West took home the lion’s share of awards and was even nominated six times at the International Game Awards.

In Horizon Forbidden West, the epic of the brave Aloy continues, and we see a larger game world with more machines and new tribes. Each village and character has its own uniqueness due to the beautiful sound design and graphical splendor. The story takes some daring leaps and creates an interesting setup for a third game. Additionally, it’s a game that comes into its own on PlayStation 5 due to the haptic feedback and stable performance. As Amador said in his review, “Guerrilla Games has outdone themselves and improved the Horizon franchise on almost every front. […] Horizon Forbidden West is essential if you have a PlayStation console.”

6. Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Stan

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A major criticism that Game Freak had to deal with with each new Pokémon game was, “Same game again? Can’t something be renewed?” This year, it was finally time for the big update with Pokémon Legends: Arceus. This quasi-spin-off Pokémon game took a whole new path, with less emphasis on Pokémon battles and badges and more on catching Pokémon and exploring the world.

As David pointed out in his review, this was the breath of fresh air the Pokémon series needed. Of course, there were some childish problems, especially in the beginning, especially in graphics. If you can see through that, you’re left with a great game with tons of Pokemon, tons of side quests, and an open world that immediately reminds you of Ash’s freedom during his adventures in the anime. If you haven’t played the game yet, I strongly encourage you to go back to the Pokémon past with this highly innovative Pokémon game!

5. Steam Deck – Empty

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The crazy bastards actually did. With the Steam Deck, Valve proves that a ‘gaming PC as a handheld’ is fine today. Valve’s laptop isn’t the most powerful, but nevertheless proved to be a handy and, above all, maneuverable system. Without too much effort, you can potentially bring thousands of Steam games on tour or create precisely yours custom laptop gaming pc. And that at bargain prices, which you would expect a barely decent laptop from.

Valve succeeds exactly where previous and experimental handhelds fall short: the ratio of power to compatibility. With a high-yield chipset, plenty of input options and the solid Steam platform as its backbone, Steam Deck is a success story in itself. One day the device offers AAA violence from your backpack, the next Deck is a portal to classic PC games or your latest MMO addiction. The steadily growing backlog – thank you, Steam Sales – is really chasing you everywhere now.

Want to know more about how Steam Deck captured our hearts? We discussed Valve’s handheld (and many others) in a recent episode of our podcast, Everybody Liked It.

4. Moon Knight – Freek

youtube video

In 1975, Marvel introduced us to Moon Knight – at the time little more than an inverted Batman with a moon motif. He also had a hard time getting rid of that image, but the Disney+ series has changed that in my opinion. I’ll be honest: I didn’t know much about Moon Knight before I started the TV series.

We meet Steven Grant (“with a V”), an unhappy man who works in a museum shop. He suffers from sleepwalking and literally controls himself every night. Slowly we learn about Steven’s mystery. Added to this is a touch of Egyptian mythology and Ethan Hawke’s great performance as Arthur Harrow. In retrospect, the show turned out to be less “Pieuw, pow, poof, there goes another crook” than expected and more of a show where you wait with genuine excitement for the next episode. It’s a show where every episode cried out for an extensive debriefing. For the Dungeons & Dragons players among us: Moon Knight is a perfect example of how to become one sorcerer And His protector can play.

It was the numbers 13 to 4 again. Check out our number three later today and count down to the New Year with us! What were your favorite releases this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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