The world reacts with beautiful reactions to the death of soccer icon Pelé

Pele is no more. One of the greatest sports icons of all time died yesterday at the age of 82. The Brazilian’s death has caused reactions from around the world. Sad, beautiful and with great respect. As one of his successors, the star of the current Brazil national football team, Neymar.

“I would say that in the pre-Pele era, football was just a sport. Pele changed everything. He turned football into art, entertainment,” Neymar said on Instagram. “He gave a voice to the poor, to black people, and above all, he gave Brazil visibility. Soccer and Brazil have increased their status thanks to the king! He may be gone, but his magic will remain. Pelé is eternal!”

Death of Pelé reported by daughter

Pele’s death was reported last night via Instagram shared by his daughter Kely Nascimento. Pelé, considered to be one of the best footballers of all time, had been in hospital since the end of November. Last year he was diagnosed with colon cancer. What remains, if you want to see it again, is a beautiful document, PELE on Netflix. And memory, of course.

Pelé is the only footballer to have won the World Cup three times. He triumphed with Brazil at the World Cups in 1958, 1962 and 1970. With 77 goals in 92 international matches, the striker was for a long time the all-time top scorer in the ‘Seleção’. During the recent World Cup in Qatar, the aforementioned Neymar equaled Pelé’s record.

The best soccer player ever?

Pelé watched the World Cup from São Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital. At first the explanation was that this was for the treatment of colon cancer, but later it turned out that Pelé also had a respiratory infection. Since then, more and more alarming signals have emerged about the health of ‘O Rei’ (the King), one of Pelé’s nicknames.

Was he the greatest footballer of all time? Until the mid-eighties of the last century, connoisseurs worldwide agreed that there had been nothing better than Edson Arantes do Nascimento, as Pelé is called in full.

In 2020, the world had already lost Diego Maradona, the Argentine who is also often cited as the greatest soccer player of all time. While Maradona fell into a life of drink and drugs during and after his career, Pele always remained impeccable and polite. “I admire you a lot,” he told Lionel Messi in December 2020, the second Argentine to steal a record from Pelé at Barcelona. Until then, no one had been more accurate for one club than the Brazilian, who scored 643 times for Santos. The new soccer world champion, Messi, has also reacted to the loss of the world star.

Three days of mourning after Pelé’s death

Since 2012, Pelé has struggled with his health. He underwent various operations on his hip and suffered from knee and back pain. In 2016, he was supposed to light the Olympic flame at the opening of the Games in Rio de Janeiro, but had to miss out at the last minute due to physical discomfort. Public performances became sparse and mostly performed in a wheelchair. According to his son Edinho, his father suffered from depression, partly because of this.

Pelé’s death has been reacted to from around the world. Football fans, known and unknown, and organizations express their respect for what Pelé has achieved. Brazil’s President Bolsonaro has declared three days of mourning in his country. Bolsonaro will make way for his successor Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Sunday, and it will happen during the period of mourning. Tuesday is the football legend’s funeral.

Answers from all over the world

The number of messages and reactions to Pelé’s death are countless. Of course, there was the Brazilian Football Confederation, CBF, with beautiful words last night: “The CBF mourns the death of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé. Our ‘King of Football’ was the ultimate exponent of a victorious Brazil that never shied away from adversity. Pelé , a black boy, poor and born in Três Corações, showed us that there is always a new way. He promised his father a world cup, but he gave us three, in addition to his 95 goals in 113 games. The king gave us a new Brazil and we can only thank him for his legacy. Thank you, Pele.”

FIFA has placed a tribute following Pelé’s death and has flown the flag at half-mast today. The World Football Association writes: “Pele: immortal, forever with us.” The KNVB also reflects on the death of the Brazilian football great. “A football icon”, is how the Dutch Football Association describes the three-time world champion. “Rest in peace, Pele.”

Ajax posted a photo of Pelé on Twitter, in an embrace with Johan Cruijff, who died in 2016. “A sad day for football. Rest in peace, Pele,” the Amsterdam club said.

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The world reacts with beautiful reactions to the death of football icon Pelé: ‘Football became art’

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