These hairdressers have been nominated for the Woman in the Media Award Friesland 2022

In Friesland, a total of 12 women have been nominated for the Woman in the Media Award 2022 Friesland.

The nominations are part of the national selection of Women in the Media. The organization of this is in the hands of Mediaplatform Vaker i de Media and Speakersbureau ZijSpreekt.

They will encourage female experts and role models to be visible in the media and encourage editors to offer them that stage more often.

These are the nominated women:

  • Mirka Antolovic from Leeuwarden. She is the director of the reporting center for discrimination Tûmba, she is the figurehead of the rainbow campaign in Friesland. She is also politically active as party leader of the PvdA municipality of Leeuwarden.
  • Teenage Clevering from Warton. She is a board member for the water authorities, and eight years ago she joined Wetterskip Fryslân’s main board as the youngest person in the Netherlands as chairman of Water Naturally. Uses ProDemos to make more people active in regional politics. Last year she was busy abolishing the guaranteed places in the water board.
  • Trienke Elshoff from Oldetrain. She is chairman of LTO-Noord’s regional board, farmer’s wife and supervisor. Is committed to farmers around nitrogen, purchases and against mandatory measures.
  • Adine Faber-Versluis from Kollumerzwaag. Financial expert, founder of the platform and Money Mind Academy. Committed to financial awareness and financial freedom among women by making money matters practical, fun, manageable and inspiring.
  • Avine Fokkens from Leeuwarden. Deputy for the province of Fryslân; is committed to improving the accessibility of the province and lobbies for, among other things, the Lely line and tourism.
  • Anne Merkur from Oudehaske. She is a Frisian linguist, associated with the Fryske Akademy, and will also teach and shape teaching and research in the Frisian language and culture at the University of Groningen as an assistant professor. She is also head of GroenLinks in De Fryske Marren municipality.
  • Ina Sjerps from Harlingen. Mayor of Harlingen. Last year she was in the news a lot because of three fatal accidents on the Vadet and because of crowd pullers like Sail and (upcoming) The Passion.
  • Sabine Stuiver from Leeuwarden. She is the co-founder of and driving force behind Hydraloop, which develops internal water recycling systems that save up to 45 percent of water. Won the prestigious UN WIPO Global Award in 2022 and was recently included in the Meaningful Business MB100 2022 list, recognized as ‘a leader who combines profit and purpose to help achieve the UN’s global goals’.
  • Aukje van der Veen from Leeuwarden. Applied psychologist and is committed to a future-proof generation. Working with Claim your Future to increase the visibility of young people’s power, influence and involvement in Frisian society and politics.
  • Ingrid van de Vegte from Eenrum. Director of Fries Social Planning Bureau and opinion leader on broad prosperity, the challenges and the future of Friesland. She is also chairman of the Fryske Energie Alliantie and has a column every two weeks in the Friesch Dagblad.
  • Joyce Walstra from Leeuwarden. Chairman MKB Noord and director Oranjewoud export academy. She is engaged in SMEs in the north of the Netherlands.
  • Femke Wiersma from Holwerd. Candidate representative of BBB in the provincial council. She is actively engaged in farmer and family from her position as a member of the BBB group in The Hague.

Vote by province

You can vote for the nominees per province until January 14 The winners will then be on the nomination list for the national Woman in the Media Award 2022.

Last year, entrepreneur and tractor won social projects Wini Weidenaar the Woman in the Media Award Friesland. Joyce Sylvester, author of Are You the Mayor? won the national Woman in the Media Award last year. Programmer Eva Eikhout then received the incentive prize, the You Go Girl Award.

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