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There is a lot to do in the library this week and in the coming term.

This week in the Voorschoten Library

Date Start time Activity / Consultation hour
Sun 01 Jan Library closed
Tue 03 Jan 10.00 Digital consultation hour
Tue 03 Jan 10.00 Form Brigade
Tue 03 Jan 13.00 New office hours: Learning table
Wed 04 Jan 14.30 Read aloud
Fri 6 Jan 13.30 Financial Information Point (FIP)
Sun 08 Jan 13-16 hours Library open

This week in Wassenaar Library

Date Start time Activity / Consultation hour
Sat 31 December at 10.30 Read aloud
Sun 01 Jan Library closed
Tue 03 Jan at 14.00 Digital consultation hour
Wed 04 Jan 18.00 Legal consultation hour

Children’s lecture with Kevin Hassing in Wassenaar Library
On February 2, the author Kevin Hassing will visit our library in Wassenaar. He gives a children’s lecture, among other things about his books by Mus & Kapitein Kwaadbaard. It will be a cool, fun, funny and educational afternoon. are you coming? Kevin’s books can of course be borrowed from us, so you can prepare for his arrival. Order your tickets via obvw.nl/jeugd!

The new year has started well for the young adults
From 1 January, the Voorschoten-Wassenaar library introduces the new Jongeren Onbezorgd subscription. For everyone from 0 to 28 years a loan period of 6 weeks, free reservation and never pay fines again. And that for only €24 per year! Maybe something for you? Come to the counter and transfer instantly! For more information, visit obvw.nl

There is plenty to do at the library!
A small selection of the upcoming activities at the library: Workshop Handlettering & Bullet Journal, Set: Living with an eye condition, Thom Hoffman; Indie, enchantment & disillusion, Children’s College with Kevin Hassing and Vincent Corjanus play his latest program Lightbreak. See all activities in our new activity folder or visit obvw.nl/activities.

Workshop Safe Internet in Wassenaar Library
In the newspaper and on television, you read and hear stories of people who have lost a lot of money by clicking on the wrong link or responding to an app that turned out not to be from their son or daughter. But what is all this really about, and more importantly, how do you stay safe in this increasingly digital world?

Come to the workshop on Tuesday 10 January at 2 pm in Wassenaar Library and learn all about it. Order your tickets at the counter or via obvw.nl/leren

New office hours in the Voorschoten Library: The Learning Work Desk
Leerwerkloket helps and advises workers, jobseekers, students and employers in learning and work based on the vision for lifelong development. Anyone with questions about, among other things, retraining, continuing education and work studies can contact the consultation hours.

Library Voorschoten | 13.00 – 14.00 | Every first Tuesday of the month

Legal consultation hour in Wassenaar Library
Ask non-binding legal questions to Tanneke den Hartog during the legal consultation hour in Wassenaar Library on Wednesday 4 January between 6 and 7.30 pm.

Tanneke has extensive experience in family law; think about creating a (living) will, settlement of estates, including the practical implementation thereof, such as vacating the home and other legal issues, such as sale, purchase, mortgage, rent, gift, marriage, divorce, cohabitation, foundation, association, private company (bv), gift and inheritance tax.

Office hours at the library
The library is the ideal place for information and advice. We are happy to help you! See the overview of our non-binding consultation times via obvw.nl/taletider

Film program Filmhuis Wassenaar
Order your tickets at the counter or via obvw.nl/filmhuis

Date Start Time Movie

Wed 4 Jan 10.30 Strange World (NL)
Thu 05 Jan 13.30 Film club
Fri 06 Jan 20.00 Devotional service
Sat 7 Jan at 20. Emily
Sun 8 Jan. 12.30 Strange World (NL)
Sun 08 Jan 15.00 Rose
Mon 09 Jan 20.00 Worship
Tues 10 Jan 14 Call Jane
Wed 11 Jan 20:00 Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

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