Get your career off to a flying start at this fun job event

Do you want to work in a special working environment where no two days are the same? Where you work together and discover where your strengths lie? Then come (with your friend) to the business center in the Eindhoven Airport terminal on Saturday 21 January between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. You get a tour, taste the atmosphere at the airport, experience what is happening live and receive information about your potential new job.

The airport is looking for employees for various positions in e.g. security, catering, shops, baggage handling and hotel. There is definitely a good challenge for you. Experience it during the job experience at Eindhoven Airport on 21 January. Five employees are already talking about their big job at Eindhoven Airport.

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Photo: Eindhoven Airport

Michael: ‘Anything that deviates has our special attention’

“You have to love people,” replies Michael van der Kammen when he is asked what a security officer at the airport must have in his home. Michael has worked at Eindhoven Airport at G4S for several years. His most important tasks? View and assess camera images, search travelers, view x-rays and note if there are any abnormal items in the luggage. But above all to help travelers.

The beauty of his job is the variety in the work. “Every day is different. One day you’re in action because of unattended luggage. The other day because of a confused passenger who needs help, an aggressive traveler or a lost child.” He also sometimes has to handle a company’s emergency case on the platform. To do this, he contacts the Marechaussee and other security guards to provide assistance as quickly as possible. Michael does not shy away from it. “In this job, you have to stand firm and stay calm and attentive.”

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Merel Brandts works at Capi at Eindhoven Airport, where vacancies are open
Merel is assistant store manager at Eindhoven Airport | Photo: Eindhoven Airport

Merel: ‘No day is the same and time flies’

Are you flexible and do you like a dynamic environment? Then you’ve come to the right place in the shops or warehouse at Capi at Eindhoven Airport, says Merel Brandt, assistant store manager at Travel Plaza & Travel Luxury. “All passengers go through your store before boarding the plane. So it can be really busy.” The shops have a large assortment, and the passengers appreciate that.

According to Merel, you are not only a shop employee, but also a source of information. “Passengers know where to find you with all sorts of questions. There’s always so much to see and hear, just the different languages.” As a warehouse employee, you have many contacts. You work in a team and you have daily contact with suppliers and security around the goods that come to the platform via secure access. “Working with the aircraft so close to the platform remains a special experience.”

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Omer Argon works at Vermaat Groep in Eindhoven Airport, where vacancies are open
Ömer is an all-round employee at Eindhoven Airport | Photo: Eindhoven Airport

Ömer: ‘This work never gets boring’

Ömer Argon is a familiar face at the airport for employees and frequent flyers. He has worked at Eindhoven Airport for over ten years. The all-round employee at La Place and The Cloud Club enjoys himself behind the pizza oven and grill. He enjoys the variety of his work and the contact with passengers and visitors. “One is nervous because he has to fly, the other is very happy because he is going on holiday or because he wants to see his loved one again.”

The daily meetings and stories during his work make his working day so much fun. He prefers to work when things are busy. “I like hard work. Then time flies.” Ömer works in a tight-knit team of permanent employees and on-call/weekend helpers who are there for each other. What do you need to know? “You have to be able to handle people. It will be OK.”

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Ronny Balk works at Viggo at Eindhoven Airport, where vacancies are open
Ronny is a flight officer at Eindhoven Airport | Photo: Eindhoven Airport

Ronny: ‘As an aviation freak, I can’t think of a better place to work’

Ronny Balk is a watchmaker. He is the Flight Officer at Viggo at Eindhoven Airport and is responsible for ensuring that all processes related to the aircraft are carried out safely and within the planned time. From placing blocks for the aircraft’s wheels and the registration check to boarding the passengers and exchanging information about the number of passengers, baggage and fuel with the crew.

Ronny: “We have to ensure that the planes can leave on time again. It is therefore important that the information is correct and that all processes are streamlined and happen within the right time.” Ronny is a ‘regular customer’ on the platform because of his work and he enjoys it. Airplanes – and everything related to them – are his passion. In addition, Ronny also has another task on an ongoing basis. As a Marshaller, he guides aircraft to the correct stands.

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Soraya Madero Cadenas works at CSU in Eindhoven Airport, where vacancies are open
Soraya is a cleaning assistant and front woman at Eindhoven Airport | Photo: Eindhoven Airport

Soraya: ‘At the airport we are one big family’

A big family; is how cleaning wife Soraya Madero Cadenas characterizes the employees at Eindhoven Airport. She knows almost every colleague in the terminal, from Eindhoven Airport and customs to security, shops, catering and the Marechaussee. “We understand and help each other. For example, if I want to go through the security check with my trolley, the security guards give way Lane.”

Soraya is one of about twenty CSU employees at the airport. She cleans and coaches her colleagues as a working forewoman. Even after six years at Eindhoven Airport, she still enjoys the atmosphere. “An airport with all those passengers and different nationalities has a special atmosphere.” She is critical of both herself and her colleagues. “It must be really clean. Cleaning is more than just wiping with a cloth. It’s about the total package.”

You’ve already read it: The airport has many challenges! Would you like to work with these top players or know what career awaits you at the airport? Get to know Eindhoven Airport as an employer at the job event on Saturday 21 January or take a look at the vacancies.

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