Israeli tech start-up raises $12 million to reduce waste in the fresh produce sector

Clarifruit, an Israel-based company that develops a software platform for automated fruit and vegetable quality control, has completed a Series A funding round of approximately $12 million. The largest lenders are Champel Capital and Firsttime Ventures.

Other participants in the funding round include Kubota, a global supplier of agricultural machinery and technology, and venture capital fund NevaTeam Partners. Private investors also participated in the seed round. With the completion of the current funding round, the total amount Clarifruit has raised to date exceeds $15 million, in addition to the $2.5 million in grants received through Horizon 2020, an EU program to support start-ups , who develop ground-breaking technology that has the potential to have a significant social or environmental impact.

Clarifruit was founded in 2018 by CTO Avi Schwartzer, CTO Ruby Boyarski and CEO Elad Mardix. Avi Schwartzer, who managed software testing tools at HP, comes from a family of gardeners. This background gave him the idea to combine his expertise in quality assurance in the software world with the world of horticulture.

“Since we launched our product 20 months ago, we have been able to make a significant impact and welcome dozens of key players as customers who now use Clarifruit’s advanced technology to automate their quality control and obtain real-time information. food and maximize their revenue,” said Elad Mardix, co-founder and CEO of Clarifruit.

Clarifruit currently employs 25 people worldwide. Following the current round of funding, Clarifruit plans to expand its sales operations at a meaningful scale with local offices in North America, Latin America and Europe and hire a significant number of R&D staff to bring its AI offering to market.

“The new climate crisis has increased the demand for solutions to better preserve food, use resources more efficiently and provide food security,” said Jonathan Benartzi, partner at Firstime Ventures. “Clarifruit has developed a technological solution that offers a direct improvement in food waste and indirectly enables a better use of water, soil and fertilizer. This is a win-win for all parties. The Clarifruit team has succeeded in developing an economical, simple solution , which embodies sustainability and environmental values. We are happy and proud to collaborate with Clarifruit.”

“We are pleased to sponsor the Clarifruit team, a company that provides a unique technology solution to an industry with over $2 trillion in annual revenue,” said Amir Weitmann, managing partner at Champel Capital. “It is an industry that, due to manual quality control processes, experiences amounts of waste that are unacceptable in the world we live in. It is no coincidence that the company has achieved significant milestones at such an early stage, and we are excited about what the future holds. As an impact fund, we see drastic waste reduction as a noble cause with significant environmental benefits.”

Clarifruit’s AI-powered quality control platform consists of two elements. The first is a mobile app that can be installed on any smartphone that allows quality inspectors to perform automated quality control processes in minutes. The second is a cloud-based monitoring system that allows managers to design and manage a monitoring process specific to their company. This allows them to see results based on the requirements of different prospects and provide real-time actionable insights.

Using proprietary computer vision technology and Big Data and analytics capabilities, Clarifruit’s automated quality control platform enables retailers, wholesalers, marketers and growers worldwide to make data-driven business decisions to reduce waste and maximize profitability.

Clarifruit’s customers include dozens of major fresh produce companies, including Dole, Mucci Farms, Zespri, SanLucar and Pink Lady. In recent months, Clarifruit has also started to cooperate with some large international supermarket chains.

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