The three best AI image programs for your smartphone

Artificial intelligence is currently undergoing a huge revolution. In particular, artificial intelligence based on machine learning and deep neural networks is exploding. For example, there are now AIs capable of generating lifelike images and art, chatting and even creating 3D designs. Below are three surprising AI apps that you can do remarkable things with.


Appmaker WOMBO’s Dream AI app lets you generate hyper-realistic cars and art using a command prompt.

Mayan temple on Mars, with mushroom trees, created with WOMBO Dream AI.

With the paid version, you also have a larger selection in terms of filters. Depending on your imagination, you can generate landscapes, bizarre aliens or realistic-looking but completely fake images.

For the most realistic images, it is best to use the HDR filter. Do you prefer a cartoon drawing, a painting or, for example, a psychedelic effect? Then select another filter. In principle, you can experiment a lot. Even the sky is not the limit, because you can override all the rules and laws of nature.

Since the operation of WOMBO Dream is quite simple, it is the ideal app to start your AI adventures. You can download WOMBO Dream for Android devices here and for iPhones here.

Night cafe

A little more complicated to operate, but with a lot more options is the Night Cafe. With the free version, you can create up to five images per day. With the paid version more, but it will cost you credits.

Night Cafe offers access to OpenAI’s spectacular Dall-E 2 engine, which can be used to create extremely realistic images. It can therefore be clearly recommended if you already have some experience with artificial intelligence and you would like to learn more about it.

In particular, by entering absurd prompts, you can create remarkable works of art. As an example, on the left the result of “four ant chairs encircling a scarab table”, with four ant-inspired chairs.

Do you want to create new art based on existing photos or further develop an existing artwork? Then you can use one of the other three models. These other three models are also somewhat less strict about allowed and forbidden words because they use open source AI from Stable Diffusion.

Also very strong, and a unique ability for Night Café is the ability to produce art in the style of, for example, Van Gogh, Picasso or Rembrandt. You can also share your creations and have them rated by other users. Are you serious about generated art and want to grow? Then this is the ideal website for you.

NIght Cafe cannot be downloaded from Google Play or the Appstore. However, the website is very mobile-friendly, and you get prompts when you are logged into the website. In terms of ease of use, there is actually little difference between an app.

Dall-E 2 from OpenAI

With NightCafe you already have access to some features of OpenAI Dall-E 2. You may already know OpenAI because of their well-known chatbot ChatGPTin. But do you really want full access to the more powerful features of the Dall-E 2? Then it is best to use the interface to OpenAI itself.

Each month you get 15 credits with which you can generate images using a text prompt. Want to lose more? Then you can buy these for around one euro each, with a discount for larger quantities. One of the most powerful features of the Dall-E 2 is the ability to enhance images with AI-generated content.

For example, you can have Vermeer’s famous milkmaid surrounded by a matching 17th-century interior. Also, a very useful feature for graphic designers, you can have objects removed from a landscape and replaced with a plausible background. In this example, the tree has been removed from a well-known esoteric image and replaced with a background.

Here you also see the limitations of AI. The artificial intelligence has no insight into what exactly the image represents and simply uses patterns in similar images in its huge database. Often it goes well, sometimes not.

As you can see, this can save a lot of tedious work. You can find OpenAI’s interface for Dall-E 2 on their website.

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