Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: Thijs Kemperink, Hendrik Groen, Luther’s Bach Ensemble with Erik Bosgraaf, Christmas holiday in Dinopark Landgoed Tenaxx and Italian atmosphere

Visit the premiere of Thijs Kemperink’s show, listen to the piano and viola in an Italian atmosphere, come to the New Year’s concert of Luther’s Bach Ensemble with Erik Bosgraaf, laugh with the country’s sweetest elderly, Hendrik Groen, or take part in activities at Dinopark Landgoed Tenaxx.

The most loved senior citizen in the country

The country’s most beloved seniors are coming to Delfzijl this week. IN Hendrik Groen, Excited for the finish line Hendrik comes to the disappointing conclusion that he is becoming more and more forgetful. He decides to keep a diary again to keep track of life, which of course makes for funny and poignant moments.

As in the previous Hendrik Groen productions, the cast consists of young actors – with Beau Schneider in the lead role. Because, as director Gijs de Lange puts it so aptly; “There is still a young person hidden in every older person.”

Delfzijl – De Molenberg, Thu 20.15, 29.50 euros

Special activities during the Christmas holidays

You can celebrate the Christmas holidays at Dinopark Landgoed Tenaxx in Wedde with reptiles and other special animals. Come and make candles, work with flint, take part in workshops or participate in one of the other indoor activities. On January 5 you will learn all about the rat snake, gecko, centipede, giant snail and scorpion, on January 6 you can make your own candles and on January 4 and 7 there will be flint demonstrations and you can listen to stories about prehistory.

The park is open during the Christmas holidays up to and including 8 January. You can find the entire program at Familieparken-tenaxx.nl.

Wedde – Dinopark Landgoed Tenaxx, at 11.00-18.00, 11.50 euros

Erik Bosgraaf conducts and plays | Advertising

Recorder virtuoso Erik Bosgraaf conducts the 6th (Leeuwarden, Grote or Jacobijnerkerk) and January 7 (Groningen, De Oosterpoort) Luther’s Bach Ensemble’s New Year’s concerts. Of course, he also plays the recorder and also the chalumeau (a predecessor of the clarinet) and the harpsichord. The program emphasizes the versatility of this Frisian musician.

Luther’s Bach Ensemble presents two Bach cantatas in which the recorder plays a solo role, as an instrument that symbolically refers to heaven and the afterlife. With Graupner and Telemann, they enter two completely different worlds: the cheerful tone and a wink. And of course there is the special chalumeau sound in Graupner’s double concerto.

Groningen – SPOT/De Oosterpoort, Saturday at 20.15, 34.50 euros (CJP 12.50 euros)

Thijs Kemperink is halfway there

Thijs Kemperink, born and raised in Twente, has gradually worked his way up in the cabaret scene. He has since managed to attract a large audience with his narrative cabaret programs and recognizable style. And those stories continue. The comedian has turned 40 and hopes to be about halfway through life’s diaper-to-diaper journey. Before starting the next 40 years, he will evaluate the first 40 years. There are plenty of people who unsolicited their unvarnished opinion about him. But Kemperink prefers to do that himself.

So what is the conclusion? Will he continue in the same way or will it be different? Does he still have dreams or is he content with who he is and how things are going? On his show Midway At any rate, Kemperink already knows it; it is not yet time for a convertible, green pants and a 20-year-old intern. Even if he drives an SUV, because then he doesn’t have to get so low… On Saturday, he plays the premiere of his show in Emmen.

Emmen – ATLAS Theatre, Sat at 20, 19 euros

Italian atmospheres with piano and viola | Advertising

The music of Corelli, Paganini, Francescati, Rota and Marzocchi is central during the Italian evening in the Margaretha church in Norway. The violist Katharina Saerberg and the pianist Liesbeth Wildeveld perform the music of these composers. German Saerberg has played as a violist in the North Netherlands Orchestra since 1998 and in various chamber music ensembles.

Wildeveld studied piano at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen, with a minor in musicology at the University of Groningen. Since graduating, she has worked as a chamber musician and accompanist, both on piano and harpsichord.

Norg – Margarethakerk (NH Church), Sun at 15.00, 17.50 euros (up to 18 years 10 euros, CJP 10 euros)

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